Part-Time Enrollment

U.S. F-1 regulations require international students to enroll and complete a full course of study each fall and spring semester. For undergraduate students full-time is defined as 12 credit hours each semester. For graduate students on G1 or G3 level, full-time is defined as 12 credit hours; G2, G4, and G5 level full-time is defined as 9 credit hours. If you are at the G5 level and are considering requesting authorization for part-time enrollment, please see your Visa and Immigration Advisor.


  • You may register part-time if it is your last semester and you need fewer credits to complete your program. If you are approved for an underload for this purpose, you MUST graduate in the semester for which the underload is approved. If you do not graduate, you will be in violation of status.
  • If a medical reason causes you to withdraw from some or all of your classes, please discuss this first with your International Student Adviser.

Important Note:
Part-time registration without VIS approval is also a violation of your F-1 status and will be reported in SEVIS accordingly.

Applying for Part-Time Enrollment Authorization:

In order to apply for permission to drop below full-time enrollment an Academic Progress Review form must be completed by a faculty or administrative advisor in the Major Academic Department and submitted in AccessVIS for review.