Important Resources

Visa and Immigration Services is a very important source of information and support for you while you are a student at Stony Brook University. In addition to the resources provided below, our office can assist you with many of the questions you may have about living and learning in the United States.

Social Security Card

  • Am I eligible for a Social Security Card?
  • If eligible, what documents am I required to submit when applying for an SSN?
  • Where do I go to submit my SSN application?

New York State Driver's License

  • Am I eligible for a NYS Driver's License?
  • What does the application process entail?
  • Where can I find additional information regarding the NYS Driver's License?

Federal & State Income Taxes

  • Where can I go to get assistance with filing my taxes?

Career Center

  • How can I get connected to organizations who hire student from Stony Brook?
  • Where should I look to find an on-campus job?
  • Who will help me prepare my resume?


  • Where can I find opportunities for cultural, social and intellectual interchange between other international students and residents of the New York metropolitan area?
  • Click here to learn more about One To World


International Spouse Program

  • The International Spouse Program is a support and social network for the wives, husbands and domestic partners of international students and staff.  For more information, click here.


Immigration Options After Graduation
: Presentation by Attorney Philip Kleiner

  • What are my options for remaining in the U.S. following graduation?
  • What type of work visas am I eligible for?
  • What is an H-1B Visa?


  • Use eShipGlobal to have your Form I-20 / DS-2019 or other important documents shipped to you via express mail (FedEx or DHL) at your own expense.
  • For detailed instructions on registering for eShipGlobal, please click here.

 Tutoring Center

  • Where can I get academic help on campus?
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