Rogue Readings

Rogue Readings strives to apply dramaturgy in a new and inventive way.  Created in 2011, by MFA candidates Erin Treat and Stephanie Walter - Rogue seeks to build bridges between Stony Brook's academic departments through the reading of new works created by emerging playwrights.   The aim is to help the playwright come to a deeper understanding of how their own work impacts the audience.  We do this through discussion panels, made up of PHD candidates and academic scholars from the SBU community, in the hopes of examining the play's themes from a variety of voices.  Therefore, this process holds for the playwright, a new kind of dramaturgical investigation.    By listening to the panel, and the questions posed by the audience, the writer takes away valuable information, without being told how to rewrite their own work.   Instead,  the dialogue that ensues, allows the writer to think about the questions that the play has given life to.   By observing the panel's observations, and the audiences reaction to those observations, the playwright can identify weaknesses in the play, or the need to strengthen certain areas in order to clarify the message they are trying to convey.    

Rogue is presented twice a year.   Please feel free to submit plays, and or ask to be put on a list of scholars who can participate on our panels.  Contact:  Stephanie Walter at


Steve Marsh

chosen to serve on the
Drama Desk Awards
nominating committee
2015 Drama Desk Awards

Nominations: April 23
Ceremony: May 31

Izumi Ashizawa

Best of 2014
"Best Directors of a Play
in Professional Theatres"
See images of
Izumi's show Kwaiden

Mallory Catlett

named as recipient of the
Foundation for
Contemporary Arts

2015 Grants to Artists
"Performance Art/Theatre"


Jeanette Yew

& Jian Jung

named as grant recipients:

The Play Company // Ludic Proxy
To Enhance Designs

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