Fast Track BS/BA-MBA Program

Fast Track your future with our combined BA-MBA degree program


DO THE MATH: (4 years/BA) + (2 years/MBA) = 5 years

Sustainability Studies BA- MBA
Undergraduate students in this program take graduate MBA courses beginning the summer before their junior year, and during the spring and fall semesters of their senior year, entering the second year of the MBA program in the fifth year. This program is a great opportunity and is designed for high-achieving students with a record of accomplishments who can begin planning their courses in their freshman year.

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All students begin the program by taking the courses required for their undergraduate degree during their freshman, sophomore and junior years. During the summer before their junior year, students begin the fast track MBA courses at Stony Brook University earning up to 15 MBA credits before the start of their senior year.

All full-time students are encouraged to spend a summer or winter session or a semester in one of our many study abroad programs. Such experiences can provide you with a competitive edge in the job market as businesses increasingly look for employees with backgrounds in sustainability and overseas experience. Today most businesses are global in nature, whether they are multinational corporations or small local businesses with overseas suppliers, customers, or a diverse international workforce.

The MBA Fast Track Combined Degree Program is taught by senior Stony Brook faculty and complemented by key executives recruited as visiting professors from throughout the tri-state region - industry leaders who have built stellar careers in today's global business world. Our dedicated faculty have both academic and business experience, and teach not only the broad principles of management, finance, and marketing but also the more intangible aspects of leadership, communications, and business strategy.

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