Minor in Sustainability Studies

18 Credits

The Sustainability Studies minor is intended for students who seek to complement their chosen major with a foundation in the social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability.

Requirements for the Minor in Sustainability Studies (SUS):

  • No more than two courses that are used to satisfy your major can be applied to this minor. 
  • No more than one three-credit course in the minor may be taken under thePass/No Credit option.
  • All upper-division courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.  Completion of the minor requires 18 credits. 

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Required three introductory courses: 6 credits

SBC 111 - Introduction to Sustainability Studies
SBC 206 - Economics and Sustainability

AND one of the following courses: 3 credits

ENV 115 - Chemistry, Life, Environment or CHE 115
PHI 104 - Moral Reasoning
POL 102 - Introduction to American Government 
SBC 115 - Introduction to Human Demography

AND three advanced courses required from:  9 credits.

EDP 303 - Spatial Economics
EHI 311 - Ecosystem-Based Management
ENV 340 - Contemporary Topics in Environmental Science
SBC 307 - Environmental History of North America
SBC 309 - Global Environmental Politics
SBC 310 - Migration, Development and Population Redistribution
SBC 311 - Disasters and Society: A Global Perspective
SBC 312 - Environment, Society, and Health
SBC 320 - Sub-Saharan Africa: Geography, Culture, and Society
SUS 301 - Environmental Ethics or PHI 366 Philosophy & the Environment
SUS 305 - Collective Action and Advocacy
SUS 306 - Business and Sustainability
SUS 307 - Environmental Economics and Management
SUS 308 - Economic Development
SUS 341 - Environmental Treatises and Protocols
SUS 350 - Contemporary Topics in Sustainability

Declaration of the Minor
Students should declare the Sustainability Studies minor no later than the middle of their sophomore year, at which time they should consult with the minor coordinator or undergraduate director and plan their course of study for fulfillment of the requirements.

Sustainability Studies Program    W0511 Melville Library     Phone: (631) 632-9404

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