Environmental Humanities Minor

The Environmental Humanities minor is intended for students who seek to complement their chosen major with a foundation in the humanistic aspects of environmental studies and develop skills in one of Environmental Humanities core areas of study.  


No more than one three-credit course in the minor may be taken under the Pass/No Credit option. All upper-division courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. Only two courses used to satisfy requirements for the student’s major may be applied towards the minor. Completion of the minor requires 21 credits.  

Required four introductory courses: 12 credits

SBC 203-G - Critical Analysis
EHM 201-D - Ecoaesthetics in Art
SBC 111    - Introduction to Sustainability

 And one of the following courses:

ANT 102-F – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANT 104-F – Introduction to Archaeology

Required three advanced courses - 9 credits. Choose 1 course from each group listed below.

Group A: Writing, Literature and Philosophy

EGL 378-J Contemporary Native American Fiction (3 credits)

EGL 379-J Native American Texts and Contexts (3 credits)

EHM 310-K Beyond Eden: Contact Narratives, Origins and Sin (3 credits)

SBC 321-G Ecology and Evolution in American Literature (3 credits)

SBC 325- G Environmental Writing and the Media (3 credits)

SBC 330-G Extreme Events (3 credits)

SBC 331-G City, Suburb and Sprawl (3 credits)

PHI 366 Philosophy and the Environment (3 credits)

Group B: Social Sciences

ANT 201 Peoples and Cultures of South America (3 credits)

ANT 357 The Agricultural Revolution (3 credits)

ANT 361 F Peasants

ANT 362 Long Island Archaeology (3 credits)

ANT 381 Applied Anthropology (3 credits)

EHM 314-J Civilizations and Collapse (3 credits)

HIS 321 Long Island History (3 credits)

SBC 307 American Environmental History (3 credits) or HIS 365K North American Environmental History

SBC 308 American Environmental Politics (3 credits)

SBC 309 Global Environmental Politics (3 credits)

SBC 311 Disasters and Society: A Global Perspective (3 credits)

SBC 312 Environment, Society and Health (3 credits)

SUS 305-F Collective Action and Sustainability (3 credits)

Group C: Applied Environmental Aesthetics

SBC 117 Design Drawing (3 credits)

SBC 354 Drawing for Design—CAD (3 credits)

ARH 205 Introduction to Architecture (3 credits)

EHM 320 Artists and Designers of Environment and Ecosystems (3 credits)

EHM 330-J The Household in Non-Western Society (3 credits)

EHM 331 J Precolumbian Urbanism (3 credits)

SBC 200 History of Human Settlements and Long Island’s Development (3 credits)

EDP 307 Theory and Design of Human Settlement (3 credits)

Declaration of the Minor

Students should declare the Environmental Humanities minor no later than the middle of their junior year, at which time they should consult with the minor coordinator or undergraduate director and plan their course of study for fulfillment of the requirements.


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