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grad capWelcome to the Grad Corner!  As you progress through your undergraduate degree and toward graduation, you will be thinking about what you will do after commencement.  Provided here are links to graduate schools who highlight degrees that align with your Sustainablity Studies Bachelors degree, as well as green job links and companies who will be looking for candidates with your qualifications.

As we all know, the national and global economic climate is tightening, challenging students who will be applying for graduate schools, and jobs.  You are positioned to highlight your exceptional skill sets, and have the foundations to enter careers that will only gain traction and importance in the coming years as awareness for the need of sustainable practices and addressing environmental issues grows. We wish you much success in the next step of your journey.  - The Sustainability Studies Program

 Please click on this link to read a personal true story on thinking about grad school, work, and career.

Here are some grad schools offering programs in sustainability studies areas:

New MS in Sustainable Energy at SUNY Cortland - click here for details

New Grad Certificate in Environmental Management at SBU

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Check out these links for Green Career opportunities:  

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BLS Data on Green Jobs : The green career articles include information from sources outside of BLS and are cited accordingly. BLS data on green jobs are available through three surveys:

The Green Technologies and Practices survey asked approximately 35,000 business establishments about their use of green technologies and practices and the occupations of workers who spend more than half of their time involved in green technologies and practices.

The Green Goods and Services industry component includes approximately 120,000 business and government establishments that produce any goods or services. The survey provides estimates of the number of jobs in each industry that are associated with the production of green goods and services.

The Green Goods and Services Occupations (GGS-OCC) program provides occupational employment and wage information for businesses that produce green goods and services. The GGS-OCC data consist of occupational employment, staffing patterns, and occupational wages.

Green Career Information Related Links:
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