Faculty Directors

sperazzaCoastal Environmental Studies Major, Minor
Geospatial Sciences Minor

Dr. Michael Sperazza
Earth and Space Science,(ESS) #340
phone: 631.632.1687
email: Michael.sperazza@stonybrook.edu


jimh.jpgEcosystems and Human Impact Major, Minor
Dr. James Hoffmann
Melville Library W0517
phone: 631.632.5366
email: James.hoffmann@stonybrook.edu



quigley.jpgEnvironmental Design, Policy, and Planning Major, Minor
Dr. H.J. Quigley
Melville Library W0519
phone: 631.632.5367
email: harold.quigleyjr@stonybrook.edu


HeidiEnvironmental Humanities, Major, Minor
Interim Director, Sustainability Studies
Dr. Heidi Hutner
Melville Library W0520
phone: 631. 632.5371
email: Heidi.Hutner@stonybrook.edu




cassidy.jpgSustainability Studies, Major, Minor
Dr. Arlene Cassidy
Library W0515                                                                      
phone: 631. 632.5362  
email: Arlene.Cassidy@stonybrook.edu




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Sustainability Studies Program    W0511 Melville Library     Phone: (631) 632-9404

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