The Center for Survey Research has considerable experience in conducting surveys with residents of a defined geographic region as well as highly customized ethnic, racial, religious, or age-based populations. Samples are obtained through GENESYS Sampling Systems, an organization that supplies sample information to government agencies such as the CDC. There is an increasingly diverse array of lists and resources that can be used to locate specific populations in the United States. GENESYS provides up-to-date knowledge of these products, allowing the CSR to access the most current technology to devise survey samples.

Some examples of populations surveyed by the CSR are listed below:

  • Adult residents of Long Island, New York State, the continental United States
  • Oversamples of Latinos and African-Americans on Long Island, in New York State, and nationally
  • Parents with an autistic child
  • Adolescent girls who suffer from depression 
  • Parents of children between the ages of 3 and 5 on Long Island and in New York City
  • Stony Brook University undergraduates, faculty and staff
  • Parents with children in Washington DC public and charter schools
  • Individuals on Long Island aged 55 and older and 85 and older
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