The Center for Survey Research is a small to medium-sized survey research facility that works closely with clients to attain the best response rate possible. The CSR provides quality service through hands-on guidance, feedback, and research. As a survey facility within a major research university, the CSR aims to conduct research to the highest standards and educate clients about the survey process, to the degree to which they are interested, to ensure they are a full partner in the research process. The CSR specializes in the following types of projects:

  • Telephone polls with a representative sample of a specific geographic location (local, state, national) based on randomly generated RDD and cell phone samples
  • Telephone surveys with specialized subsets of the public, such as African –Americans, Latinos, parents with children in a specific age group, or individuals with a specific health problem
  • Telephone recruitment of subjects for research projects
  • Tracking of medical patients over time by web or telephone
  • Recruitment of research subjects for a control group to be matched to a specific research population such as patients with a specific disorder or disease
  • Telephone recruitment of participants for focus groups and mock juries 
  • Web surveys of an organization’s members or employees
  • Public opinion web surveys with individuals who participate in a commercial internet panel
  • Mixed mode surveys that involve a combination of telephone, web or mail 

The CSR routinely interviews in Spanish and can also interview in other languages including Cantonese. 

Center for Survey Research • Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392 • Phone: 631.632.4377 • Fax: 631.632.1538
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