OMNIBUS SURVEYS: The Long Island Poll and The Pulse of New York State

The Center for Survey Research launched two regular buy-in or omnibus polls: the Long Island Poll and the Pulse of New York State. Both polls provide a cost-effective way to gather information about local or state residents without incurring the cost of a full-scale survey. An omnibus poll combines questions from several clients, allowing each one to obtain valuable public opinion data at a very reasonable cost per question. Each client has exclusive access to the results of their questions and receives a report in which responses are shown separately by various demographic factors such as: men and women, people of differing education level, household income, age, race and ethnicity, marital and family status, partisan affiliation, county or zip code. The omnibus polls are an excellent tool for tracking public opinion over time, assessing public attitudes, behavior, and awareness, determining local needs, evaluating the impact of a public relations campaign, or developing material for a press release. Typically 800 residents are interviewed in each omnibus poll and results are weighted to represent the demographic characteristics of all Long Island or New York State residents.

Numerous academic, non-profit and governmental agencies have participated in the polls to date. They are a particularly cost-effective vehicle for Stony Brook administrators and faculty to obtain public opinion data. The following Stony Brook University (SBU) clients have participated in the Long Island Poll: the Office of Communications, the Office of Advancement, the SBU Medical Center, the Clinical Management Practice, and various faculty and graduate students in the Departments of Political Science and Psychology, including research funded by NSF dissertation fellowship awards. Faculty at the following universities have also participated in the polls: University at Albany, Binghamton University, Boston University, University at Buffalo, Cornell University, CUNY, and University of Bern, Switzerland. Other non-profit and governmental clients include: AARP, the New York State Council on Children and Families, Vision Long Island, Brookhaven National Laboratory, The Early Years Institute, and the Rauch Foundation. 

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