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The Center for Survey Research has particular specialty in conducting large-scale telephone community surveys on Long Island. Since 2004 CSR has collected an annual survey for the Long Island Index funded by the Rauch Foundation, a Long Island-based family foundation interested in quality of life issues on Long Island. The CSR works closely with the Index staff to brainstorm on the topic of each year’s survey, develop questions, collect and analyze all data, and write a lengthy report on the public opinion survey findings. We craft the questionnaire in close consultation with other technical advisory committee members, and work closely at the project conclusion with a Public Relations firm to gain news media coverage of survey findings.

In total, the CSR has designed, conducted, and written reports for a total of eight Long Island Index surveys. Every survey has included a core of questions about satisfaction with local government, concerns about local property taxes, intentions to leave the area because of rising prices, and worries about the exodus of young people. The Index surveys typically include oversamples of African-American and Latino residents, including Spanish language interviews as needed. The survey topics have included:

  • Affordable housing, housing policy, and green space policies (2005, 2011, 2012)
  • Satisfaction with local government services and taxes (2006, 2007). The 2006 poll focused just on Long Island. The focus in 2007 involved a comparison of Long Island, where services are provided by a large number of distinct governmental agencies, with residents of Fairfax and Loudon counties in Northern Virginia, where services are provided by a small number of governance agencies. 
  • Housing preferences and local downtowns (2008, 2010, 2011). The 2008 poll focused solely on Long Island. The 2010 poll focus included a comparison of Long Island residents, with residents in suburban NJ, and northern NY and Connecticut suburbs.
  • Educational inequities (2009, 2011)
  • Transportation (2011, 2012)

For a complete set of Long Island Index survey reports see attachments below; or go to the LI Index website, click on "Explore the Data", click "Report" and “Survey” on left-hand side then “Search”. You will see all reports from past years. Surveys released in 2005 and onwards have been conducted and reports written by our organization. Surveys conducted for the Long Island Index have received extensive media coverage in Newsday, the New York Times, and other news media including USA Today, CBS radio and NPR radio, and local television coverage.

Long Island Index 2005- Where Do We Grow From Here: Land Use on Long Island [view report]

This telephone survey of residents of Long Island and the Northern and New Jersey Metropolitan suburbs examined respondents’ views on issues and proposals concerning affordable middle class and starter housing and preservation of the area’s remaining open space. Interviews with over 1,700 randomly selected respondents were conducted during the summer of 2004.

Long Island Index 2006- At the Breaking Point? Taxation and Governance on Long Island [view report]

This telephone survey for the Long Island Index continues to tack the opinions of Long Island residents on important regional issues including taxation and quality of services. Interviews were conducted over the summer 2005 with 1,215 randomly selected residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as oversamples of 204 African-American and 104 Hispanic residents.

Long Island Index 2007- In a Tough Spot: Jobs, Taxes and Affordability on Long Island [view report]

The survey was conducted in fall 2006 by telephone with 808 randomly selected Long Islanders, and with randomly selected oversamples of 205 African-Americans and 100 Hispanic Long Island residents. The survey is used as a tool to monitor public opinion regarding taxes, housing costs, services and the economy.

Long Island Index 2007- A Tale of Two Suburbs: Survey Report on Jobs, Taxes and Governance on Long Island and in Northern Virginia [view report]

In this survey, Long Island public opinion is placed in perspective through a comparison with the views of residents of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, VA. While similar in population density and housing prices, the Northern Virginia counties differ from Long Island in their significantly lower property taxes and more centralized government systems. RDD sample was used for this telephone survey of 808 interviews with residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties with an oversample of 205 African-American and 100 Hispanic residents of Long Island. 605 interviews were conducted with Fairfax-Loudoun Counties with additional oversamples of 101 African-American and 100 Hispanic residents of Fairfax County. 

Long Island Index 2008- Long Island Looks to the Future: Housing Alternatives and Downtown Development [view report]

815 randomly selected Long Islanders were interviewed for this survey by telephone in fall 2007, with an oversample of 317 young Long Island residents 18-34 years old. The survey closely examined Long Islanders’ views of housing to explore how high housing costs may influence openness to housing alternatives. The survey explored housing experiences, attitudes and preferences within different age groups. 

Long Island Index 2008 - Long Islanders on Climate Change and Conservation [view report]

In this telephone survey, CSR interviewed 853 randomly selected Long Island residents in spring 2008 to ask about energy conservation behavior, and their perceptions on global warming and climate change.

Long Island Index 2009 - Educational Inequality on Long Island [view report]

CSR conducted this survey with over 1,200 randomly selected Long Islanders, including oversamples of approximately 200 African-American and 200 Latino residents, on their opinions about the equality of the local educational system and attitudes towards proposed reforms.

Long Island Index 2011 -Residential Satisfaction and Downtown Development: A View from Long Island and the NY Metro Area [view report]

In this RDD telephone survey, residential satisfaction levels and support for downtown development are examined across three separate regions – Long Island, suburban Northern NY and CT, and suburban New Jersey. 807 Long Islanders, 201 northern NY and CT suburban residents, and 205 New Jersey suburban residents were interviewed for this study. 

Long Island Index 2012 – Tracking Residential Satisfaction on Long Island [view report]

Telephone interviews were conducted with a randomly selected sample of 810 Long Island residents focusing on the high cost of local housing and taxes, the desire to move from LI to less expensive areas of the country, concerns about young people leaving, affordable housing, local public schools, local downtowns, transportation, commute time, and overall life satisfaction.

Long Island Index 2013-Long Island in the Aftermath of the Great Depression: Some Optimism, But Many Still Want to Leave [view report]

812 Long Island residents were randomly selected to participate in the annual residential satisfaction survey for the Long Island Index project. The Long Island Index project focuses on the quality of life on Long Island.

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