Long Island Index Surveys, Rauch Foundation


Chicago Public School Teachers Survey

A survey conducted on behalf of Chicago’s Public School Teachers to assess the quality of teachers’ work environment. 


Long Island Neighborhood Preferences

Vision LI has included questions on the omnibus Long Island poll concerning local preferences for difference types of neighborhoods and received press coverage of poll findings in the New York Times in October of 2007 entitled, “Is ‘Small’ the New ‘Smart’?”


Needs Assessment of Seniors on Long Island [view publication]

These telephone surveys assessed the health care, social support and transportation needs of Long Island seniors. In 2010-2011, CSR interviewed 842 seniors between the ages of 65 and older with an oversample of seniors aged 85 and older. In 2011-2012, CSR also interviewed 309 African-American, Asian and Latino seniors 65 and older using a targeted oversample.


Health Insurance and Prescription Drug Coverage of Long Islanders

The AARP has included questions on the Long Island Poll concerning health insurance and prescription drug coverage. The AARP questions received press coverage in a Newsday article published in March 2008 entitled, “Poll: Some Skip Food, Heat to Pay for Prescriptions”. In addition, the article was picked up by a number of internet websites including Reuters, Yahoo!,,, and


Public Perception of Early Childhood Issues

The Early Years Institute included questions on the 2010 and 2011 Long Island Polls asking 800 Long Island residents how they felt certain activities effected early childhood development.


Black and Latino Experiences with Discrimination on Long Island [view report]

The Center for Survey Research interviewed 1,200 Long Island residents, with an oversample of approximately 200 African-American and 200 Latino residents, to ask about their experiences with racial and ethnic discrimination. 


Dispelling Myths about the Cause of Residential Racial Segregation on Long Island [view report]

In 2011, ERASE Racism, a Long Island non-profit committed to eliminating barriers to racial equity, commissioned a telephone survey of 305 African-American Long Islanders examining housing and neighborhood preferences and their experience with housing discrimination. Click here for the full study report and other local housing statistics.


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