Health Pulse of America Survey Series

The Center for Survey Research conducted a series of national polls for the Office of the President at Stony Brook University. The goal of this research was to provide information on Americans’ views concerning pressing health policy matters. The surveys were conducted from 2003 till 2006 and received substantial national media attention in a large number of newspapers including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune on issues ranging from worker health benefits to childhood obesity. The polls are archived at the Roper Center at the University of Connecticut and specific questions are available through the Kaiser Network health poll here.  The topics are varied and outlined below by date conducted. In all surveys, CSR obtained approximately 800 interviews using RDD sample with respondents from around the country, except for March 2005 which was the New York City Metro Area. To learn more about the specifics of each poll’s results, please see its attached report.

Health Pulse of America – July 2006 [view report]
CSR interviewed 737 adults in a national sample between May 22 and July 2, 2006. The survey looked at respondents’ beliefs in likelihood of developing common diseases vs. being the victim of terrorist attack. 

Health Pulse of America – September 2005 [view childhood obesity report[view adult gender obesity report] [view school steroids report] [view supreme court abortion report]
CSR conducted this poll of 830 adults in a national sample from September 1 – September 25, 2005. The survey focused on issues surrounding childhood obesity and nutrition, as well as steroid use among high school athletes and public disclosure of abortion positions of Supreme Court nominees.

Health Pulse of America – March 2005 [view report]
The poll was conducted between February 3 and February 27, 2005 in which 850 adults were interviewed from the New York City Metro Area:  215 from Long Island, 209 from New York City, 212 from New Jersey suburbs, and 214 from northern New York City suburbs. The survey focused on opinions regarding the proposed changes to Social Security, concerns about retirement and health care costs.

Health Pulse of America – October 2004 [view report]
In this national survey, respondents were interviewed both between September 13 and 29, 2004 and then again after the Presidential Candidate Debates, from October 14 - 17, 2004. Respondents were asked about their views on several of the campaign health care issues and the 2004 Presidential election.

Health Pulse of America – June 2004 [view benefits report] [view elections report]
The survey, conducted from June 5 through June 27, 2004, surveyed 810 adults nationally on their views about employer-provided health care benefits, health care and the 2004 Presidential Election.

Health Pulse of America – March 2004 [view report]
From February 18 through March 8, 2004, 810 adults were surveyed on their views about health care and the 2004 Presidential Election.

Health Pulse of America – November 2003 [view insurance report] [view nutrition report] [view drug importation report]
This survey, conducted from November 5 through November 25, 2003, surveyed 814 adults nationally on their views about a number of health issues including prescription drug imports, health insurance and nutrition.

Health Pulse of America – August 2003 [view childhood & adult obesity report] [view benefits & stress report] [view prescription drug costs report]
In this national poll, conducted between July 22 and August 12, 2003, 865 adults were surveyed about health care issues including childhood and adult obesity, employer-provided health care benefits and stress, and prescription drug costs.

Health Pulse of America – May 2003 [view report]
From May 1 through May 20, 2003, CSR interviewed 810 adults nationally on their views about a number of health care issues, from affordability and trust in the health care system to childhood obesity, bioterrorism, SARS and nutritional supplements. 

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