National Youth in Transition Database(NYTD) Project

The National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) project was established by the Federal Administration for Children and Families (ACF) to meet the mandate included in the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program of the Social Security Act. The Act requires states to develop a data collection method to track and report on the independent living services that states provide to foster youth in eleven categories such as finances, housing, health, education, and employment. As a part of this data collection process, the New York State Office of Children and Family asked the Center for Technology in Government at SUNY, Albany and the Stony Brook University Center for Survey Research for assistance with interviewing the foster youth before they leave the system about their experiences with foster care services. CSR conducts follow-up interviews with the foster youth when they turn 19 and 21 respectively on the outcomes of these services. This is a national effort to obtain youth input and provide it to policy makers to effect change in service provision.

For further information on this project, please see the NYTD website.


Survey of Gambling and Other Addictive Behaviors of New York State Residents [view report]

The New York State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services commissioned CSR to conduct a large study of gambling and drug addiction among New York State residents in 2005-2006.  We interviewed over 5,000 New York State residents for this project which was designed to gather information to inform state-wide policy on gambling and addiction.


Public Perception Survey of Long Island Sound Watershed Residents [view report]

The 2006 “Public Perception Survey of Long Island Sound Watershed Residents” was conducted for the Long Island Sound Study, a partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the states of Connecticut and New York. This survey investigated watershed related knowledge, attitudes and behavior among residents of the Long Island Sound watershed in New York and Connecticut.

Respondents were asked questions regarding their knowledge of water pollution, attitudes concerning the environment, and whether or not they engaged in a list of behaviors linked to water pollution such as washing one’s car in the driveway or dumping toxic liquids into a storm drain. The findings have been used to influence public information projects and campaigns on the protection of the Long Island Sound.


Tobacco-Related Behavior and Attitudes in Suffolk County, New York

The CSR conducted a survey of tobacco-related behavior and attitudes among 1,985 Suffolk County residents for the Suffolk County Department of Health Services in 2001. The survey (sample and study procedures) followed the guidelines for the BRFSS in which both the questionnaire and sample design were developed in consultation with CDC personnel. Disproportionate stratification was used to obtain an oversample of smokers. The survey dealt with behavior and opinions on a range of issues related to tobacco, including consumption, advertising, and health concerns. 


ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Questionnaire

This survey assessed the incidence of childhood abuse with 807 respondents in the general New York State population; results will be used to improve social welfare services in New York State. The survey was conducted for the University at Albany School of Social Welfare and the New York State Council on Children and Families.


New York State Household Broadband Adoption Study

In 2010-11 New York State Office of Cyber Security commissioned the University of Albany, CTG and the CSR to conduct a New York State resident household survey about their use and choice of broadband internet service. 1,002 interviews were conducted with a general state sample, and an additional 2,042 respondents were included in an oversample of lower-income counties in three regions of the state: 1) the Bronx, 2) Brooklyn, and 3) upstate. The results were used to inform the New York State Broadband Council and other government agencies on how to increase internet access for state residents. In addition, the information was used to create broadband mapping for residents to see what companies provide broadband service in their area and their internet broadband speed. Please click here to see how the results were utilized. 


New York State Workers Compensation Physicians Survey

CSR, in concert with LIOEHC and NYSDOH, conducted a survey with New York State Workers Compensation physicians to assess their beliefs and practices regarding the NYS Workers Compensation program and patient care delivery. 



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