Survey of Parents of Public School and Charter School Students in Washington DC

Parents of students attending the Public and Charter Schools of Washington, D.C. were surveyed annually over a period of four years, beginning in the Fall of 2000. Half the sample was drawn from parents with a child in a public school and the other half with children in private schools. The study assessed current satisfaction levels of parents with their children’s schools and the process by which they make educational choices for their child. In 2003 and 2004 interviews were also conducted with respondents’ children who attended grades 7 through 12.

The study was conducted for Political Science researchers Dr. Mark Schneider and Dr. Jack Buckley, and funded by the National Science Foundation.


Survey of Chicago Public School Teachers

A survey conducted on behalf of Chicago’s Public School Teachers to assess the quality of teachers’ work environment. 


Stony Brook University: Ongoing Student Surveys

The Center for Survey Research has conducted annual surveys with first year Stony Brook University undergraduate students for the Vice President for Student Affairs since 2002. The survey assesses entering students’ orientation experiences and adjustment to campus life. The CSR has also conducted a number of student retention studies. The retention studies compare those who leave Stony Brook University in the middle of their studies with those who remain, to better understand the factors that contribute to student retention at SBU. These studies have shed considerable light on the factors linked to leaving Stony Brook. 


Stony Brook University Institutional Self Study: The Student Experience, A Survey of Faculty, Alumni and Students

CSR conducted the Stony Brook University Institutional Self-Study: The Student Experience, as part of the Stony Brook University Office of Provost’s Middle States Reaccreditation process in 2003. This study consisted of a series of telephone surveys with Stony Brook University alumni, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students to assess their educational experiences and community life at the university.


Stony Brook University Teaching, Learning and Technology Web Survey of Faculty

CSR conducted a web survey of SBU faculty and instructors concerning their classroom technology needs. 


Stony Brook University Department of Information Technology Online Collaboration Tools Survey

SBU Department of Information Technology commissioned a survey of all SBU faculty, professional staff and graduate students on their current use of various email and related online collaboration tools and what future services they anticipate needing.


Stony Brook University Library Assessment Surveys

CSR has conducted two surveys of faculty, instructor, and graduate student use of the SBU library collection and services. 


Stony Brook University Computer Survey

CSR conducted a telephone survey of faculty and staff to assess the computer buying habits of the campus community and the need for an on-campus computer store. 


Stony Brook University Graduate Student Surveys

The CSR has conducted several web and phone surveys with SBU graduate and medical students, and medical residents concerning their satisfaction with on-campus housing, decision-making regarding graduate school attendance, and other important campus issues. 


Stony Brook University School of Journalism News Literacy Assessment Project 2008-2012

CSR conducted ongoing assessments of the SBU School of Journalism’s News Literacy Program; surveys examined whether the students taking the News Literacy course differed from others in news consumption habits, ability to decode the news, and civic knowledge and involvement. 


Stony Brook University Alumni Surveys

CSR has conducted several studies with alumni, including an assessment of SBU donors for Alumni Relations and an employment survey of students who graduated in 2007, 2009 and 2011. This research is ongoing. 


Stony Brook University Undergraduate Colleges Program Faculty and Student Surveys

Web and telephone surveys were conducted with faculty and students assessing participation in and interest in expanding the Undergraduate Colleges Program. 


National Physician’s Assistant Educational Curriculum Survey

In 2012 a national sample of Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) member programs were contacted by web to assess Health Literacy curricula. The survey was conducted for Stony Brook University Clinical Professors in the Department of Physician’s Assistant Education and funded by the Vice President for Research at Stony Brook University through the Seed Grants for Survey Research Program.


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