The Stony Brook University Center for Survey Research is a fee-for-service unit of the State University of New York, Stony Brook, located in the Ward Melville Social and Behavioral Sciences Building in the Department of Political Science on the university’s main campus in Stony Brook, New York. The CSR Survey Lab calling room is equipped with 18 interviewer stations dedicated to computer based interviews and a supervisor station for monitoring and managing the shift.

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Software

The Center uses a computer-assisted-telephone-interviewing system (CATI) developed by Sawtooth Technologies, Inc. This CATI system satisfies the highest standards of academic and government researchers. With the CATI system, each question appears on a computer monitor for the interviewer to read. The interviewer enters the response directly into the computer, thus avoiding errors that can accumulate in traditional data entry and coding processes. The CATI system allows for complex interview schedules, including question branching and randomized experiments, to be handled automatically by the computer.

The CATI program performs many tasks that are difficult to implement using traditional survey methods. A built-in database system provides efficient sample management and survey administration. This gives us complete control over the number and timing of calls to all phone numbers. The system maximizes quality control throughout the data collection.

Qualtrics Web Survey Software

Qualtrics web survey software is used for all web surveys and is compatible with the WinCati system so that data collected by both web and telephone can be readily combined. The Qualtrics program provides considerable programming flexibility, allowing for the incorporation of audio and video materials, links to external web sites, and question randomization in which respondents are assigned to different versions of the same question or video clip. The software allows generation and scheduling of invitations at specified times to participants, and helps track non-respondents to send reminder messages to increase responses. Qualtrics data and analytical results are easily imported and exported to several common application software and database packages.  

Center for Survey Research • Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392 • Phone: 631.632.4377 • Fax: 631.632.1538
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