As a Part-Time Telephone Interviewer, you will receive full, paid training and gain hands-on professional research experience.

You will participate in gathering data for surveys on a variety of topics, including social and political issues and opinions, health behaviors and other contemporary matters.

Interviewers are the most important part of any study conducted at the Stony Brook Center for Survey Research, because they are the eyes and ears of research. Interviewers are the key to gathering accurate data and information, and their interactions with the people they talk to on the phone determine how well and thoroughly that is done. Interviewers ensure that respondents are comfortable, willing to answer and feel that the interview was a good experience. Professionalism and friendliness in conversations with people helps make them willing to talk to us and has a strong effect on the number of completed interviews we achieve, as well as the quality of the information we gather. Interviewing is a very responsible assignment. An interviewer's job is to record the interview accurately and completely.


  • Fluent Verbal Skills: a good, clear and strong telephone voice is essential for this job. An interviewer must pronounce words clearly and smoothly and strive for a pleasant flow (not too fast and not mechanically slow).
  • A genuine enjoyment for interacting with people: this job requires talking to many different kinds of people. An interviewer must be able to establish rapport readily with all types of people.
  • Good listening skills: this means hearing what a respondent is actually saying which is not always what the interviewer thinks he or she is saying.
  • Conscientiousness: a good interviewer is conscientious about obtaining high quality interviews.
  • Reliability: employees need to consistently show up for scheduled shifts.

The following would be considered a plus:

  • Some experience with computers
  • Available to work for at least two semesters (summer work also possible)
  • Previous experience in interviewing or telephone-based work

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