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Summer 2017 in Ecuador

About the Program

This program was awarded the Chancellor’s Grant for Innovative Study Abroad Programs (ISAP) for 2015-2016.

This program offers students the opportunity to collaborate toward the production of a short film while simultaneously taking an immersive language and culture course. Organized in partnership with the nonprofit organization, La Poderosa Media Project, students will participate with community members to write, script, and produce a fiction short that will be screened publicly at the end of the program. Film experience is not required. This in-depth program is based on experiential learning, and is supported by topic-specific lectures, directed readings and assignments, as well as film-making workshops, all of which is sequenced to lead up to the collaborative production of a short film.

Course of Study

*6 undergraduate credits required
All participants following the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) will fulfill GLO and EXP+ in addition to requirement(s) fulfilled by their coursework.

1. Choose one of the following:
SPN 311 Spanish Conversation and Composition (DEC: S3, SBC: HFA+) - 3 credits
SPN 321: Advanced Spanish Grammar & Composition (DEC: S3, SBC: CER; HFA+; WRTD) - 3 credits
SPN 392: The Culture and Civilization of Spanish America (DEC: G & 3, SBC: GLO, HFA+) - 3 credits
SPN 447: Directed Readings (DEC: S3, SBC: EXP+) - 3 credits

2. Students must take:
SPN 420: Topics in Spanish and Latin American Cinema—Community-Based Filmmaking: Theory and Practice (DEC: S3, SBC: ARTS, HFA+) - 3 credits

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Course Information

Location Bahia de Caráquez, Ecuador
Language of Instruction Spanish and English
Language Proficiency

Intermediate Spanish language proficiency required

Program Type Group experience led by SBU faculty
Program Dates June 1 to July 8, 2016
Living Arrangements

Home stay and communal accommodations


GPA 2.0 or higher
Other Requirements
Application Deadline March 1st

Program Cost

Application Fee $60
Tuition Rate $270 per credit for NY residents ; $988 per credit for non-residents
Program Fee $3,400 (includes housing, 18 meals per week, local transportation, and international health insurance)
Administrative Fee $200 (non-refundable)
International Health Insurance Included in the Program Fee
Other Fees
Travel Costs

Estimated Airfare: $1,000.  


Costs are estimates for planning purposes of the student and are subject to change at any point.

About La Poderosa Media Project

“La Poderosa means powerful, the power to change lives and make a difference in the world--La Poderosa describes someone or something that makes a difference.”

We encourage youth empowerment, cultural empathy and collaborative learning through community-based visual arts programs in Latin America and the United States.

We believe that art transforms individuals and strengthens communities. We believe that self-representation, creativity, and collaboration empower youth to be active participants in their environments. We envision a future in which young leaders think differently, communicate productively, and inspire others to effect change. La Poderosa Media Project works with youth so that their ideas, their stories, their lives make a difference in shaping the future.

For more information, visit




More Information

Credits earned on this program will calculate toward a student's GPA at Stony Brook University. Non-SBU students are advised to check their home university policy on grade and credit transfer.

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