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Global Internships


Earn academic credit while gaining practical internship experience!

Stony Brook Global Internships offers academic internships in a variety of industries in international locations.
Global Internships include the following options:
  • Internship: In an Internship, a student actively assists professionals in fulfilling daily tasks and chores. The student does not receive academic instruction but learns by performing tasks.
  • Experiential Learning Project: In an Experiential Learning Project option, a student learns by doing and observing the assigned tasks while also receiving academic instruction.
  • Research: A student works alongside teams in campus research laboratories and institutes of our international partner.
  • Service Learning: A Service Learning option enables a student to earn course credit by performing volunteer work in the community and completing course work related to the service.

2017 Programs

Location   Type Field Duration
AUS Australia Internship Governmental organizations, Think-tanks, Embassies,
Non-governmental organizations and lobby groups
AUS China Internship Business Summer
italy Italy Internship,
Experiential Learning
Business, Management, Architecture, Design, All major Semester,
korea Korea Internship Marketing, Sales, Engineering, IT, Computer Science,
Management Information System
madagas Madagascar Experiential Learning,
Service Learning
IT, Engineering, Conversation and Education,
Environmental Arts, Water and Climate,
Reptiles and Amphibians, Health
krist Sweden Experiential Learning Sociology, Psychology, Special Educational Interest Semester
tanzania Tanzania Experiential Learning,
Service Learning,
Health Summer
krist Russia Internship English teaching (kids and adults), City Services, IT, Women's Centers Summer

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