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                                          Quotes From Past Participants


“To say this experience was "life-changing" may sound cliché, but all clichés are born on some foundation of truth.” -Suzanne, Discovery Bay Marine Lab, Jamaica


“I encourage everyone to study abroad. Also, to stay away from the American influences in the country which will be very hard to do but it will be rewarding.” -Olivia, Florence University of the Arts, Itlay


“Just DO IT! It is a worthwhile experience that will be remembered for years to come!” -Elaine, Summer in Rome



The people truly made this trip. I fell in love with them more then I fell in love with the country. I came back more ready to put myself out there, more independent, and more eager to see more of the world.” -Erynn, Winter in Rome


“Embrace every single moment of your experience because it will change your life in so many positive ways!” -Steven, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China


“Don't be afraid of the language barriers! Be open and interact with people from all cultures and countries, explore the world outside the group you came with.” -Sean, Konstanz University, Germany




 “Just go for it. You'll be nervous, but you'll thank yourself after.” -Tiara, Summer in Nihon University, Japan


“Stay open-minded to other people's opinions and backgrounds.” -Savannah, Cenre Valbio, Madagascar


“Do your own research, be open to meeting new people, and be aware of social norms in the home country.” -Redmond, NYI Saint Petersburg


A lot of independence, inexpensive living costs, each class is only once a week so there is a lot of time to travel. Central location in Europe-easy for traveling. Meet mostly other international students-great friends. University town, easy to get around walking and with bus. Beautiful town, old German fairly tale. Many classes offered in English.” -Winnie, Tübingen, Germany


"The 2011 summer Shanghai study abroad experience started off as an opportunity to travel and earn extra credits for graduation. I did not foresee the impact  that the experience would have on me. Shortly after my summer abroad, I realized I was ready for a more immersive experience. The following year I attended Tsinghua University for a full semester where I would live outside of my comfort zone in an effort to learn and grow as a person. It forced me to become adaptive to any environment, to be independent and sociable in unfamiliar places. While abroad, I attended local courses in finance and mathematics that sparked my interest in entering a career in finance. Following my semester abroad I worked to expand my knowledge on these fields. My experiences abroad have led me to join a start-up FinTech company that aims to redefine the student loan market. I am very thankful for the opportunity that Stony Brook's IAP has awarded me and I am certain that they will create rewarding experiences for many others." - Jason, Summer in Shanghai, China

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