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Message from the Dean:

What will get you ahead in life? Are you seeking out a global educational experience for your resume, or because you want to experience another country and culture? To benefit on both counts, come to the Study Abroad & Exchange Office and go abroad with us!

Recent empirical research has found that resume-related (“extrinsic”) reasons are not as effective for one’s success in life as learning-related (“intrinsic”) ones. Even both motivations combined are less powerful than just the wish to explore the world. Hence, do not be afraid to follow your interest in other countries and cultures.

You can take advantage of exciting global studies opportunities in two ways: as an individual participant in an International Exchange Program at one of our overseas partner universities, or as a member of a Study Abroad Program under the supervision of a Stony Brook faculty member. Some Study Abroad Programs include a foreign language component, but all are conducted in English.

Undergraduates have the opportunity to apply for financial aid or loans for either program. Keep in mind that participation may even allow you to graduate earlier than expected, for example, by taking some required courses between semesters. Study Abroad Programs or International Exchanges may span an academic year, a single semester, a summer or winter session, yet the experiences and memories will last a lifetime.

We look forward to meeting you soon. Explore the possibilities!
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