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Matthew Whelan

Mathew Whelan

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Welcome to Stony Brook University's Office of Student Affairs!

Your years at Stony Brook will be an exciting time of discovery about yourself and those around you. I encourage you to capitalize on being a member of this remarkable community - move beyond what is familiar, meet people different from yourself, and take advantage of the thousands of fascinating and extraordinary opportunities awaiting you on Stony Brook's campus.

We want nothing less for you than to be successful! Our staff is here to work with you, to help you develop the skills and talents you've brought to the campus, and to engage you in the exciting and rewarding life of the campus - in and outside of the classroom.

An important part of your Stony Brook education is your overall academic experience. We expect you to be challenged both inside and outside of the classroom, with an emphasis on exploring new ideas, enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and learning how to be a more effective communicator. To achieve these goals, it is essential that you become an active and engaged learner.

Take ownership of your education by attending every class, visiting faculty during office hours, utilizing tutoring services on campus, meeting with  academic and career advisors to clarify your goals, and working hard to earn good grades. Expand the scope of your learning by participating in special opportunities including  internshipsvolunteer workstudy abroad, and research. You might consider  getting involved with a registered student club or organization (there are more than 300 to choose from!), your residence Hall Council or the Commuter Assistant program, student government, an intramural sports team, or a peer education program. Or, you might consider developing your leadership abilities and skills through an internship, a part-time job, participating in volunteer opportunities, or serving on a University committee. And you don't want to miss out on being a part of our many  SB Traditions, including the renowned Roth Regatta, URECA (Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities) Celebration, EarthStock and of course, wearing the signature Stony Brook red at games and on Fridays to show support for our NCAA Division I Seawolves. Collectively, these efforts will ensure your academic success and graduation from Stony Brook.

In all your activities, you need to remember that as a Stony Brook student, you have both rights and responsibilities. We take seriously the assurance of these rights for every member of our campus community. Likewise, we expect each community member to fulfill his or her responsibilities. The policies and information found in the  University Conduct Code and the  Students Welcome Center are designed to support and maintain a scholarly community that values diversity and a safe, caring educational environment in which all members feel secure to pursue their learning, teaching, and research.

I encourage you to explore the various aspects of the Office of Student Affairs through this Web site, and also to reach out and build relationships with the various Student Affairs staff. Each of us is committed to serving as your mentors and helping you to succeed!

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