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News and Announcements

University Libraries Presents:  Colloquium Series 

Date: 12/01/2016
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Special Collections Seminar Room

Collecting on the Margins: Times Square Adult Lit in the 1970s by Chris Filstrup

Having diverse collections lies at the core of a research library's mission. It also reflects an understanding that important content lies outside mainstream publishing. Sometimes this content is controversial. Interviewed by the New York Times on this very topic, Chris will speak about why the New York Public Library acquired sexual material which at the time was considered unredeemed by a greater worth and 35 years later was featured by the Times.

Attendees are encouraged to read this article prior to the talk!

The History of the Playbill by Brian Stoll

The Broadway Playbill has been around for over a century and is easily recognizable by its cover which showcases the "Playbill" banner in yellow with black text and a visual description of the production it is advertising filling the rest of the page. When a theatre patron arrives at a Broadway show, he or she is handed a copy before taking a seat. What is its importance? During this interactive presentation, we will travel back in time in order to learn about the Playbill's history as well as what it can teach us about our history by thumping through its pages. We will also touch upon the reasons why some choose to collect these memorable theatre keepsakes.


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