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 Assigned Students

All undergraduates are now assigned to an advisor or unit. This helps identify which advisor or office a student belongs to.  

Get advisor/dept email and phone #s in SSC Campus!  Click on the picture.

  • Easy access to all your assigned students from the home page of SSC Campus.
  • Get emails when a student is at risk on progress reports and alerts (urgent info).
  • Easily filter any search to only include "my students".
  • Restrict students to booking appts with their assigned advisor only.

posted: 2/6/18


 Progress Reports

Advisors can see progress report data on the student profile.  Depending on your role in SSC Campus, you might be able to search on at-risk students too!  Check this page out for all the details.

 First Look: Guide Data in SSC Campus

We can now begin to see some data integration between SSC Campus & Guide.  On the Student Overview tab you will now see a new block called "Goals & Interests".  This lists information that students entered when they setup their account in the Guide app.  Check out this image to see what this looks like.

 Appointment Details Now Visible on GCAL

EAB has recently released this highly requested feature that adds the student's name and home/cell phone number on Gcal appointment details.  

 Guide | Scheduling Appointments

Students can now schedule their appointments with major/academic advisors in the Guide app!  See some pics of what this looks like on the phone and watch a video on how to make appointments.

 New Appointment Center Updates

This 5 minute video will help you get acquainted with the new changes coming to the Appointment Center.

 How to Cancel a Campaign Appointment

If you do not cancel campaign appointments correctly, you could risk removing the student from the entire campaign.  There is a way to do it that allows to student to reschedule.

 Three (3) New Categories Added

SAAB, CSTEP, and Academic Standing will soon be added to the category section of the student profile.  As always, you will be able to search by this criteria in the advanced search.  Look for them to drop around the week of 7/17.

 Attaching Advisor Reports to Appointments:

When your appointments are "checked-in" at the front desk, the advisor report is attached to the appointment.  This is all fine and dandy.  But what happens when it's a phone appointment, or the student does not get checked in?

 Campaign Update:

EAB has released an enhancement to campaigns that allows users to associate advising reports.  This is handy if a colleague saw your student or if the session was via email/phone.

 Changes to the Search Function

The search functionality has been updated to include only "Active" students.  You can still search for inactive students, however you must check the box on the search page.  
Any student who has not enrolled in 3 or more semesters is considered "Inactive".

Download the Advanced Search User Guide!

 61 Campaign Ideas

Need some ideas to kickstart your campaign?  Take a look at this document.  It provides a large bevy of campaign ideas from start of term, registration, and end of term.  

View the 61 Campaign Ideas pdf.

 Group Campaigns

Did you know that you can add multiple advisors to a campaign?  Grab a colleague and start a campaign!  Or start an office-wide campaign!   read more--->

 In-Person Meeting type NOW REQUIRED

It is now required to select "In-Person" when meeting with students face to face. Please do not leave this field blank. This will prevent the "N/A Meeting Type" that displays throughout the site.

 Request an Appointment (Student Facing)

This feature allows a student to request an appointment from the student-facing scheduler.  This is an "all or nothing" setting.  If your department enables this feature, the option to request appointments will appear for all advisors.  Departments can select any email address to funnel the advising requests more--->

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