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The following are some of the memories you've shared about the Southampton campus over the years. Thank you!


storiesI graduated in 2005 (the last graduation to take place on the campus). I have so many wonderful memories of my years at Southampton that it's hard to narrow it down to just one.  I made lifelong friends (three were in my wedding party) and also made lifelong connections with my professors. Dr. Emily Jones is still a friend to this day and even attended my wedding in 2010.  


A few memories range from foam parties to late night beach trips during all seasons to going to Costa Rica to study wild dolphins with Dr. Paul Forestell. How many people get to say they spent their 20th birthday in Costa Rica watching two dolphin species mingle?  


I look back on my years at Southampton as some of the best in my life.


- Maria (Pose') Pierucci


Meeting my lovely wife of 45 years, Leslye, at the Tru Blu.


- Rick Auerbach


I have many. Most involve the men's basketball team and our relationship with the other sports. Beating the College of Saint Rose and winning the first ECAC Championship in the program's history was my favorite memory.

Driving with the members of the men's basketball team to Oakdale to watch the men's soccer team beat top ranked Dowling College in extra time was a great memory. Seeing the soccer players celebrating then coming over to thank our guys for coming all the way to the game was fantastic.

I also appreciated how the other sports came out to support us. And we also had a solid group of students who travelled to our road games at Queens, Dowling, Adelphi, and CW Post.


- Peter Quinn


Camping out at student services for $20 Billy Joel tickets, then showing up to the show and finding out that they were FLOOR tickets - and then having Billy accept our invitation for commencement speaker.


- Genevieve Areson


Was working at the Marine Station and Doing Marine Ops & Research Summer of '76 when Hurricane Belle came through  LILCO was down and out for 5 days so we just cooked everything we had and turned it into a big Southampton party. We anchored the Shawna out in Old Fort Pond for the storm, and she fared just fine.


- Joseph Rager


Every day I worked at the marine station.  There is nothing better than spending an afternoon on beautiful Shinnecock Bay while gaining hands-on experience for for a field that is your passion.  Thank you Southampton for allowing me to experience such a truly meaningful part of my life and my career.


- Ryan Maloney


I have so many wonderful memories of Southampton College.  This is where I met my best friends and the love if my life... My husband!  One of my favorite memories was after going clamming, having a clam bakes behind the Feds!  We use to play music from our dorm window, play volleyball and hang out with good friends!


- Tara Fitzpatrick-Rolla


That's a hard one.  It could be watching the sunset over the Baja, hanging out with awesome friends in our suite in Bridgehampton, or Springfest 1993 when Lisa Loeb used our bathroom and shared a beer with us. There are way too many to write down and share but the will live forever in my heart.


- Michele Haran Pitzer


On really foggy nights, which happened fairly regularly at Southampton College, my friends and I would gather at the Windmill's bright spotlights to howl at the moon and dance in the lights, projecting ghostly figures through the mist and onto the campus' most recognizable landmark. There were no cell phone calls or text messages. There was no Facebook. We just knew to show up. I miss these silly spontaneous moments that happened at Southampton. It's what made this intimate campus such an amazing and magical place to attend college. I'm blessed to have been surrounded by such great friends and beautiful scenery.


- Drew Glines


There is an indescribable spirit that lies in the hills of Southampton, a soothing, close-knit community that I am grateful every day to have experienced. Freshman year living in Mattituck is my favorite memory. Volleyball court bonfires, climbing up gangly trees to read books and bringing beach bags to class for Coopers Beach afterwards were simple, yet such magical experiences. Above all though, I fell in love on this campus four years ago and owe a lifetime of joy to the place that introduced me to the person who I plan to spend the rest of my days with.


- Elizabeth Struzzieri


I just saw the announcement and was very happy to see this is being done. I hope to be able to submit stories and photos. It would be great if in Duke Lecture Hall there could be a series of "Scientists Speak" to complement the Writer's speak public events.


- Kasey Jacobs (Class of '06)


Driving out to the beach to study Quant (Quantitative Anaylsis - Chemistry) among the giant sand dunes.


- Jan Drukten Fechhelm


Cookie wars, golf carts into quad monsters, breakfast in pj's, sunrise at the tripping tree, Ren and Stimpy...


- Diedre Muzenic


Obviously it was spinning tunes at WPBX91.3 FM radio!!  I was Santo of the Airwaves from 1980 to 1984.


- Guy Santostefano


I have so many, but I guess I can say the Spring Fest foam party was pretty awesome. It was a moonbounce filled with foam, great music, and friends.  I had such a great night. It was also my last year there and the year that I shared with Jimmy Smit's son. He was very nice and down to earth.


- Rachel Thompson


I was the first streaker for all of Southampton College. I could not get anyone to streak during my WSCR radio show, so I ending up being the first to go, and soon after the entire campus joined me.


- Andrew Novick


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