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Rebekah Burroway


Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Duke, 2011

Areas of Interest

Poverty & Inequality, Global Health, Gender, Development & Developing Countries, Political Sociology, Social Demography



Professor Burroway’s research utilizes a comparative, cross-national perspective to examine the impact of social structural forces on health and poverty, with an emphasis on women and children. Health is a productive site for studying inequality as it is one of the most fundamental indicators of life chances and is integrally related to many other aspects of disadvantage. Thus, her research is motivated by several key questions: What explains global patterns and vast inequalities in health and well-being? How do macro structures shape individual life chances, particularly in developing countries? How do contexts of gender inequality manifest as unequal power and resources, and consequently, as unequal life chances for women and their children? Burroway’s research and teaching interests broadly encompass the areas of poverty and inequality, global health, gender, development and developing countries, political sociology-1, and social demography. Drawing on theories of comparative institutions, feminism, democracy, and development, she uses quantitative cross-national and multi-level research designs to illustrate the ways in which political, institutional, economic, and policy contexts influence the lives of women and children. While recognizing the role of individual characteristics, her work underscores the importance of social structures for shaping the distribution of poverty and well-being across societies.

Recent Publications

Burroway, Rebekah. Forthcoming. “A Cross-National Analysis of Sex-Specific HIV Prevalence Rates and Women’s Access to Property, Land, and Loans in Developing Countries.   International Journal of Sociology

Brady, David and Rebekah Burroway. 2012. “Targeting, Universalism and Single Mother Poverty: A Multi-Level Analysis Across 18 Affluent Democracies.”   Demography  49: 719-746, DOI :

Toller Erausquin, Jennifer, Monica Biradavolu, Elizabeth Reed, Rebekah Burroway, and Kim M. Blankenship. 2012. “Trends in Condom Use Among Female Sex Workers in Andhra Pradesh, India: The Impact of a Community Mobilisation Intervention.” Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health , DOI:

Brady, David, Katelin Isaacs, Martha Reeves, Rebekah Burroway, and Megan Reynolds. 2011. “Sector, Size, Stability and Scandal: Explaining the Presence of Women Executives in Fortune 500 Firms.”   Gender in Management 26: 84-104.

Burroway, Rebekah. 2010. “Schools Against AIDS: Secondary School Enrollment and Cross-National Disparities in AIDS Death Rates.”   Social Problems  57: 398-420.

Blankenship, Kim, Rebekah Burroway, and Elizabeth Reed. 2010. “Factors Associated with Awareness and Utilization of a Community Mobilization Intervention for Female Sex Workers in Andhra Pradesh, India.”   Sexually Transmitted Infections  86 (Suppl 1): i69-i75.

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