Independent Research

Many high school students find research placements in labs at Stony Brook--independently of the high school research programs that exist at the university. Some have contacts made through parents or teachers or through research-based coursework affiliations. Other students find they are successful in getting placed in a lab (for the summer, or weekend work) by contacting faculty directly via email. Departmental Web pages are probably the best guide to specific faculty research interests.

Once you have found a lab/research mentor, then:

  • Please take a minute to register yourself or your student (online form).

Housing may be available for independent research students (16 years of age or older) in the summer. Please contact Karen Kernan and/or Brian Frank for more information by email (, or telephone:631.632.7077. Please note that residential students (minors) are not allowed to bring a car to campus and that there is strict supervision of Conference Housing guests under the age of 18. 

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