Simons Fellows 2013


Summer 2013


Priya Alagesan (Manhasset HS, NY) - Dr. Aaron Neiman (Biochemistry & Cell Biology) 

Eda Algur (Smithtown West HS, NY) - Dr. Stella Tsirka (Pharmacological Sciences)

Bhavani Ananthabhotla (Kings Park HS, NY) - Dr. Clinton Rubin (Biomedical Engineering)

Anish Bhattacharya (Carbondale Community HS, IL) - Dr. Milutin Stanacevic (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Kathy Camenzind (California HS, CA) -  Drs. John Noé, Marty Cohen, & Harold Metcalf (Laser Teaching Ctr.)

Austin Cao (Homestead HS, WI) - Dr. Anne McElroy (School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences)

Grace Cimaszewski (St. Anthony's HS, NY) - Dr. Michal Simon (Physics & Astronomy)

Aron Coraor (Huntington HS, NY) -  Dr. Matthew Dawber (Physics & Astronomy)

Michael D'Agati (Miller Place HS, NY) - Dr. Balaji Sitharaman (Biomedical Engineering)

Evangeline Giannopoulos (Great Neck South HS, NY) - Dr. J. Peter Gergen (Biochemistry & Cell Biology)

Samuel Gochman (Half Hollow Hills HS West, NY) - Dr. Liliana Davalos (Ecology & Evolution)

Anika Gupta (The Harker School, CA) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)

Luran He (Ward Melville HS, NY) - Dr. Philip Allen (Physics & Astronomy)

Cristina Lai (Great Neck South HS, NY) - Dr. Peter Tonge (Chemistry)

Kevin Lee (University HS, CA) - Dr. Tzu Chieh Wei (Physics & Astronomy)

Harrison Li (Ward Melville HS, NY) - Dr. Brian Colle (School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences)

Kristy Liao (Wilson HS, SC) - Drs. Yixian Qin & Wei Lin (Biomedical Engineering)

Joshua Lovins (Trevor Day School, NY) -  Dr. David Thanassi (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)

Vinson Luo (University HS, CA) - Dr. Tamara Berg (Computer Science)

Mark Matten (The Bishop's School, CA) - Dr. Alexander Berg (Computer Science)

William Meehan (East Islip HS, NY) - Drs. John Noé, Marty Cohen, & Harold Metcalf (Laser Teaching Ctr.)

Michelle Moffa (Holy Spirit HS, NJ) -  Dr. Benjamin Hsiao & Dr. Benjamin Chu (Chemistry)

Emma Oberstein (North Shore Hebrew Academy, NY) - Dr. Jonathan Rudick (Chemistry)

Jamie Odzer (Michael Krop HS, FL) - Dr. Lorna Role (Neurobiology) & Dr. David Talmage (Pharmacological Sciences) 

Hope Pan (Eastside HS, FL) -  Dr. James Bliska (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)

Emily Pang (Dougherty Valley HS, CA) - Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet (Medicine)

Savvas Papadopoulos (Division Avenue HS, NY) - Dr. Holly Colognato (Pharmacological Sciences)

Parth Shah (Chatham HS, NJ) - Dr. Tom MacCarthy (Applied Mathematics & Statistics)

Sachit Singal (Herricks HS, NY) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)

Jonathan Sington (Harvard-Westlake School, CA) - Dr. Bruce Demple (Pharmacological Sciences)

Rahul Sridhar (The Harker School, CA) - Dr. David Green (Applied Mathematics & Statistics)

Kent Ueno (Earl Vandermeulen HS, NY) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)

Alan Wei (Ward Melville HS, NY ) - Dr. Arianna Maffei (Neurobiology)

Jessica Yamada (The Winsor School, MA) -  Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz (Pharmacological Sciences)

Barry Yang (Roslyn HS, NY) - Dr. Christian Luhmann (Psychology)

Xiaobo (Daphne) Yang (Madison HS, NJ) - Dr. Michal Simon (Physics & Astronomy)

Stephanie Ying (Manhasset HS, NY) - Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet (Medicine) 

Kevin Zheng (Wayzata HS, MN) - Drs. John Noé, Marty Cohen, & Harold Metcalf (Laser Teaching Ctr.)


To read more here about 2013 research projects, click hereFor photos of the 2013 participants, click here

News & Announcements


NEWS: Congratulations to our Intel STS semifinalists & finalists!  



Dates of Program: 

June 30-Aug. 12, 2014





Simons Summer Research Fellowship,  Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3357 - 631 632-7114

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