Summer 2012


Elias Blinkoff (Glen Cove HS, NY) - Drs. Laura Staum Casasanto & John Drury (Linguistics)
Steven Castano (Acad. of Allied Health & Science, NJ) - Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz (Pharmacological Sciences)
Kevin Chen (Mission San Jose HS, CA) - Dr. Matthew Dawber (Physics & Astronomy)
Michael Chin (Hunter College HS, NY) - Dr. Stefan Judex (Biomedical Engineering)
Wesley Cox (Kings Park HS, NY) - Dr. Lei Zuo (Mechanical Engineering) 
Yonatan David (North Shore Hebrew Acad., NY) - Dr. Roy Lacey (Chemistry)
Nicholas Fiacco (Manhasset HS, NY) - Dr. Aaron Neiman (Biochemistry & Cell Biology) 
John Gee (Calhoun HS, TX) - Dr. Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry)
Nakul Gupta (Farmingdale HS, NY) - Dr. Peter Brink (Physiology & Biophysics)
Mia Harrow-Mortelliti (Maine School of Sci. & Math, ME) - Drs. Laura Staum Casasanto & John Drury (Linguistics) 
Kavita Jain (Smithtown HS West, NY) - Dr. Alan TurnerDr. Paul Gignac  (Anatomical Sciences)
Susan Jao (Commack HS, NY) - Dr. David Thanassi (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)
Sandhiya Kannan (Half Hollow Hills HS West, NY) - Dr. Stanimir Metchev (Physics & Astronomy)
Minah Kim (Paul D. Schreiber HS, NY) - Dr. Peter Tonge (Chemistry)
Jillian Knoll (Paul D. Schreiber HS, NY) - Dr. Benjamin Hsiao & Dr. Benjamin Chu (Chemistry)
Grace Li (Glenda Dawson HS, TX) - Dr. James Bliska (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)
Darlina Liu (Phillips Academy, MA) - Dr. Lorna Role (Neurobiology) & Dr. David Talmage (Pharmacological Sciences) 
Maxine McGredy (Hunter College HS, NY) - Dr. Ellen Li (Medicine)
Rebecca Monastero (Sayville HS, NY) - Dr. Jaymie Meliker (Graduate Program in Public Health)
Kayla Neville (Commack HS, NY) - Dr. Balaji Sitharaman (Biomedical Engineering) 
Rajkumar Pammal (Commack HS, NY) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)
Grace Pan (Dougherty Valley HS, CA) - Dr. Matthew Dawber (Physics & Astronomy)
Benjamin Pleat (Herricks HS, NY) - Dr. William Holt (Geosciences) 
Ariana Ray (Hastings HS, NY) - Drs. John Noé, Marty Cohen, & Harold Metcalf (Laser Teaching Ctr.)
Amelia Ricketts (Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK HS, NY) - Dr. Holly Colognato (Pharmacological Sciences)
James Shamul (Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK HS, NY ) - Dr. Valentina Schmidt (Medicine)
Mayuri Sridhar (Kings Park HS NY) - Dr. Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry)
William Thompson (Hunter College HS, NY) - Dr. Yu Zhou (Mechanical Engineering) 
Raghav Tripathi (Westview HS, OR) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)
Daniel Wang (W. Tresper Clarke HS, NY) - Dr. Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry)
Jared Weiss (Syosset HS, NY) - Dr. Dimitris Samaras (Computer Science)
Jennifer Yu (Morgantown HS, WV) - Dr. Yixian Qin (Biomedical Engineering)
Michael Zhang (Smithtown HS East, NY) - Dr. Gregory Zelinsky (Psychology)
Gloria Zheng (Ward Melville HS, NY) - Dr. James Dilger (Anesthesiology)
Julia Zhuang (Great Neck North HS, NY) - Dr. William Holt (Geosciences)


S012-13 Intel STS Competition. Semifinalists include: Kevin Chen and Grace Pan who worked with Dr. Matthew Dawber of Physics & Astronomy; Wesley Cox who worked with Dr. Lei Zuo of Mechanical Engineering; Yonatan David who worked with Dr. Roy Lacey of Chemistry; Nicholas Fiacco who worked with Dr. Aaron Neiman of Biochemistry & Cell Biology; John Gee and Mayuri Sridhar who worked with Dr. Carlos Simmerling of Chemistry; Nakul Gupta who worked with Dr. Peter Brink of Physiology & Biophysics; Kavita Jain who worked with Dr. Alan Turner and Dr. Paul Gignac of Anatomical Sciences; Minah Kim who worked with Dr. Peter Tonge of Chemistry; Rebecca Monastero who worked with Dr. Jaymie Meliker of the Graduate Program in Public Health; Benjamin Pleat and Julia Zhuang who worked with Dr. William Holt of Geosciences; James Shamul who worked with Dr. Valentina Schmidt of Medicine; Raghav Tripathi who worked with Dr. Iwao Ojima of Chemistry; Jared Weiss who worked with Dr. Dimitris Samaras of Computer Science; Michael Zhang who worked with Dr. Gregory Zelinsky of Psychology; and Gloria Zheng who worked with Dr. James Dilger of Anesthesiology. This year's Intel STS Finalists include: Kevin Chen, Mayuri Sridhar, Raghav Tripathi, and Michael Zhang.

2012 Siemens Competition. Semifinalists include: Steven Castano who worked with Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz of Pharmacological Sciences; Nicholas Fiacco who worked with Dr. Aaron Neiman of Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Rajkumar Pammal who worked with Dr. Iwao Ojima of Chemistry; Grace Pan who worked with Dr. Matthew Dawber of Physics & Astronomy; Raghav Tripathi, who worked with Dr. Iwao Ojima of Chemistry, was named a regional finalist, and a National finalist.

Also: Daniel Wang a Google Science Fair Regional Finalist. Raj Pammal - second place winner in national Junior Science & Humanities symposium (2012).


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