Summer 2011

Simons Symposium 2011Syndi Barish (Kings Park HS, NY) - Dr. Joshua Rest (Ecology & Evolution) 

Paolo Bertolotti (Paul D Schreiber HS, NY) - Dr. Robert Haltiwanger (Biochemistry & Cell Biology) 

Asia Brown (Sanford Calhoun HS, NY) - Dr. Ellen Li (Medicine) 

Maha Chaudhry (Half Hollow Hills HS West, NY) - Dr. Orlando Scharer (Chemistry, Pharmacology)  

Angela Chen (Hunter College HS, NY) - Drs. Yixian Qin and Wei Lin (Biomedical Engineering) 

Ana Maria Constantin (Int'l Computer HS, Romania) - Dr. Michal Simon (Physics & Astronomy)

Juliana Coraor (Huntington HS, NY) - Dr. Matthew Dawber (Physics & Astronomy)

Ethan Fried (Ramaz Upper School, NY) - Dr. Helmut Strey (Biomedical Engineering)

Samantha Garvey (Brentwood HS, NY) - Dr. Dianna Padilla (Ecology & Evolution) 

Dongyoung Kim (Glen Rock HS, NJ) - Dr. Mark Bowen (Physiology & Biophysics) 

Savina Kim (Commack HS, NY) - Dr. David Talmage (Pharm.Sci.) & Lorna Role (Neurobiology)

Daniel Lee (Great Neck South HS, NY) - Dr. Peter Tonge (Chemistry) 

Claire Leibowicz (Great Neck North HS, NY) - Dr. Lilianne Mujica-Parodi (Biomedical Engineering)  

Bolun Liu (Mission San Hose HS, CA) -Drs. John Noé and Harold Metcalf (Laser Teaching Ctr.)

Christine Lu (Syosset HS, NY) - Dr. Demian Chapman (SoMAS)

Nidhi Mann (POB-JFK HS, NY) - Dr. James Dilger (Anesthesiology) 

Cezar Mocan (Int'l Computer HS, Romania) - Dr. Charles Ward (Computer Science)

Leandro Ochoa (South Side HS, NY) - Dr. Troy Rasbury (Geosciences) 

Jin Pan (Henry Gunn Sr. HS, CA) - Dr. Bruce Futcher (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)

Arianne Papa (Long Beach Sr. HS, NY) - Dr. Anne McElroy (SoMAS) 

Eric Parigoris (Kings Park HS) - Dr. Clinton Rubin (Biomedical Engineering) 

Ethan Santore (Clarkstown N HS, NY) - Dr. Aaron Neiman (Biochemistry & Cell BIology) 

Anna Sato (Ward Melville HS, NY) - Dr. Benjamin Hsiao & Dr. Benjamin Chu (Chemistry) 

Gabriele Savaneviciute (Riverhead HS, NY) -Drs. John Noé and Harold Metcalf (Laser Teaching Ctr.) 

Danielle Scarano (POB-JFK HS, NY) - Dr. Nancy Hollingsworth (Biochemistry & Cell Biology)

Ruchi Shah (Sachem North HS, NY) - Dr. Kenneth Shroyer (Pathology) 

Gabrielle Shea (Westhampton Beach HS, NY) - Dr. David Green (Applied Mathematics & Statistics)

Jane Smyth (Long Beach Sr. HS, NY) - Dr. Anne McElroy (SoMAS)

Julia Tollin (W.C. Mepham HS, NY) - Dr. Peter Tonge (Chemistry)

Nithin Tumma (Port Huron N. HS, MI) - Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet (Medicine) 

Shannon Wetzler (Kings Park HS, NY)- Dr. Roy Lacey (Chemistry)

Sophia Xu (Redmond HS, WA) - Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz (Pharmacological Sciences) 

Vijay Viswanathan (Upper St. Clair HS, PA) - Dr. Yuefan Deng (Applied Mathematics & Statistics)

Jeff Zhang (Wayzata HS, MN) - Dr. Shaoyu Ge (Neurobiology & Behavior)  

Kevin Zhang (Hatboro-Horsham HS, PA) - Dr. Balaji Sitharaman (Biomedical Engineering) 

For photos of the end-of-program symposium, click here

2011 Siemens Competition. Semifinalists include: Bolun Liu who worked with Dr. John Noe, Dr. Marty Cohen and Dr. Harold Metcalf in the Laser Teaching Center, Physics & Astronomy; Juliana Coraor who worked with Dr. Matthew Dawber of Physics & Astronomy; Anna Sato who worked with Dr. Benjamin Chu and Dr. Benjamin Hsiao of Chemistry; Danielle Scarano who worked with Dr. Nancy Hollingsworth of Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Nithin Tumma who worked with Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet of Medicine: Sophia Xu who worked with Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz of Pharmacological Sciences; Regional finalists include Vijay Viswanathan who worked with Dr. Yuefan Deng of Applied Mathematics & Statistics.Click here for a listing of Siemens Competition awardees/mentors.

2011-2012 Intel STS Competition. Semifinalists include: Asia Brown who worked with Dr. Ellen Li; Juliana Coraor who worked with Dr. Matthew Dawber of Physics & Astronomy; Samantha Garvey who worked with Dr. Dianna Padilla of Ecology & Evolution; Savina Kim who worked with Dr. David Talmage of Pharmacological Sciences & Dr. Lorna Role of Neurobiology & Behavior; Claire Leibowicz who worked with Dr. Lilianne Mujica-Parodi of Biomedical Engineering; Jin Pan who worked with Dr. Bruce Futcher of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology; Eric Parigoris who worked with Dr. Clinton Rubin of Biomedical Engineering; Anna Sato who worked with Dr. Benjamin Chu and Dr. Benjamin Hsiao of Chemistry; Nithin Tumma who worked with Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet of Medicine; and Shannon Wetzler who worked with Dr. Roy Lacey of Chemistry. This year's finalists include: Juliana Coraor, Savina Kim, Jin Pan, Anna Sato, and Nithin Tumma. On 3/13/12, Nithin Tumma was announced as an Intel STS Winner - First place!  press release:
Click here for a listing of Intel STS Competition awardees/mentors.

News: Samantha Garvey invited to State of the Union address! More here

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