Summer 2010

Ishwarya Ananthabhotla (Kings Park HS, NY) - Dr. Yu Zhou (Mechanical Engineering) 
Ethan Bassin (North Salem HS, NY) - Dr. Mary D. (Molly) Frame (Biomedical Engineering) 
Julie Chang (Herricks HS, NY) - Drs. Yixian Qin and Wei Lin (Biomedical Engineering)
Harry Chiang (Great Neck North, NY) - Dr. Roy Lacey (Chemistry)
Benjamin Coe (Oneonta HS, NY) - Drs. John Noé and Harold Metcalf (Laser Teaching Ctr.)
Sarah Cohen (The Columbus Academy, OH) - Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz (Pharmacological Sciences)
Peter Connell (Oceanside HS, NY) - Dr. Liliana Davalos (Ecology & Evolution)
Naoki Eto (IB McAllen Memorial HS, TX) - Dr. Stanimir Metchev (Physics & Astronomy)
Jonathan Goldman (Plainview JFK HS, NY) - Dr. Yuefan Deng (Applied Mathematics & Statistics)
Dianna Hu (Half Hollow HIlls HS West, NY) - Dr. Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry)
Aileen Jiang (Montgomery HS, NJ) - Drs. Yixian Qin and Wei Lin (Biomedical Engineering)
Shilpa Kannan (Montgomery Blair HS, MD) - Dr. Robert Haltiwanger (Biochem. & Cell Biology) 
Austin Kelly (Ward Melville HS, NY) - Dr. Martin Rocek (Physics & Astronomy) 
Pradyoth Kukkapalli (Charter School of Wilmington, DE)-Drs. John Noé & Harold Metcalf (LTC)
Jessica Lee (York HS, VA) - Dr. Holly Colognato (Pharmacological Sciences)
Bonnie Lei (Walnut HS, CA) - Dr. Liliana Davalos (Ecology & Evolution)
Brian Miranda (Great Neck South, NY) - Dr. Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry)
Hannarae (Annie) Nam (Choate Rosemary Hall, CT) - Drs. John Noé & Harold Metcalf (LTC)
Wendi Oppenheim (Pine Crest School, FL) - Dr. Bruce Brownawell (SoMAS)
Sarah Pak (Roslyn HS, NY) - Dr. Christian Luhmann (Psychology)
Ryan Parigoris (Kings Park HS, NY) - Dr. Arthur Samuel (Psychology)
Neil Pathak (Herricks HS, NY) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)
Ashley Peter (Manhasset HS, NY) - Dr. Michal Simon (Physics & Astronomy)
Erica Portnoy (Commack HS, NY) - Dr. David Thanassi (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)
Brian Ralph (Smithtown HS West, NY) - Dr. Alan Turner (Anatomical Sciences)
Joseph Stopper (Staples HS, CT) - Drs. Serge Luryi & Arsen Subashiev (Elec.& Comp.Eng.)
Brett Teplitz (Half Hollow Hills HS East, NY) - Dr. Nicolas Nassar (Physiology & Biophysics)
Stephanie Wang (Monta Vista HS, CA) - Drs. Yixian Qin and Wei Lin (Biomedical Engineering)
Pamela Wax (Harborfields HS, Greenlawn, NY) Dr. J. Peter Gergen (Biochemistry & Cell Biology)
Jenny Wu (Sanford Calhoun HS, Merrick, NY) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)
Quan Zhou (Half Hollow Hills HS West, NY) - Dr. David Green (Applied Mathematics & Statistics)


2010 Siemens Competition semifinalists and/or regional finalists include: Bonnie Lei who worked with Dr. Liliana Davalos of Ecology and Evolution; Dianna Hu who worked with Dr. Carlos Simmerling of Chemistry; Shilpa Kannan who worked with Dr. Robert Haltiwanger of Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Erica Portnoy who worked with Dr. David Thanassi of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology; and Jenny Wu who worked with Dr. Ojima of Chemistry. 

2011 INTEL STS semifinalists  include: Ishwarya Ananthabhotla who worked with Dr. Yu Zhou of Mechanical Engineering; Julie Chang and Stephanie Wang who worked with Drs. Wei Lin and Yixian Qin of Biomedical Engineering; Harry Chiang who worked with Dr. Roy Lacey of Chemistry; Jonathan Goldman who worked with Dr. Yuefan Deng of Applied Mathematics & Statistics; Dianna Hu and Brian Miranda who worked with Dr. Carlos Simmerling of Chemistry; Jessica Lee who worked with Dr. Holly Colognato of Pharmacological Sciences; Bonnie Lei who worked with Dr Liliana Davalos; Hannarae Annie Nam who worked with Dr. John Noe and Dr. Harold Metcalf in the Laser Teaching Center; Wendi Oppenheim who worked with Dr. Bruce Brownawell of SoMAS; Sarah Pak who worked with Dr. Christian Luhmann of Psychology; Brian Ralph who worked with Dr. Alan Turner of Anatomical Sciences; Pamela Wax who worked with Dr. Peter Gergen in Biochemistry & Cell Biology and Jenny Wu who worked with Dr. Iwao Ojima of Chemistry. 

2011 INTEL International Science & Engineering Fair.Congratulations to Dianna Hu who worked with Dr. Carlos Simmerling of Chemistry, and Erica Portnoy who worked with Dr. David Thanassi of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, for being included in the 17 "Best of Category" winners! Erica also was recognized in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. Congratulations also to Bonnie Lei (2nd award, Animal Sciences), Sarah Pak (3rd award, Behavioral & Social Sciences) Neil Pathak (2nd award, Chemistry), Ishwarya Ananthabhotla (3rd award, Engineering: Electrical & Mechanical)!  


 Bonnie Lei at the Intel STS Finals, in Washington D.C. with mentors, Dr. Corthals & Dr. Liliana Davalos

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