Summer 2008

Patrick Abejar (Smithtown HS West, NY)- Dr. Troy Rasbury (Geosciences)
Aparna Ananthasubramaniam (The Roeper School, MI) - Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet (Medicine) 
Archit Bhise (Peachtree Ridge HS, GA) - Dr. Nancy Hollingsworth (Biochemistry)
Jessica Chaffkin (Longwood HS, NY) - Dr. David Green (Applied Mathematics & Statistics )
Yijun (Cerena) Chen (Archibishop Mitty HS, CA) - Dr. James Bliska (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)
Re-I Chin (Walter Johnson HS, MD) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)
Matthew Clark (Mt. Sinai HS, NY) - Dr. Mark Fast (SoMAS)
Gabrielle Facquet (Sachem HS East, NY) - Dr. Stefan Judex (Biomedical Engineering)
Jean Feng (Monta Vista HS, CA) - Dr. Helmut Strey (Biomedical Engineering)
Talia Fox (Ossining HS, NY) - Dr. James Lattimer (Physics & Astronomy)
David Gittin (Ward Melville HS, NY) - Dr. J. Peter Gergen (Biochemistry)
Julia Goldberg (Half Hollow Hills East, NY) - Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet (Medicine) 
Yoel (Joel) Kim (Great Neck South HS, NY) - Dr. Wali Karzai (Biochemistry)
Sungsu Lee (Vandermeulen HS, NY) - Dr. Michael Marx (Physics & Astronomy)
Sari Levy (Great Neck North HS, NY) - Drs. Yixian Qin and Wei Lin (Biomedical Engineering)
Yiwei Li (Phillips Academy, MA) -Drs. John Noé and Harold Metcalf (LTC / Physics & Astronomy)
Crystal Lu (Blue Valley North HS, KS) - Dr. Nicholas Fisher (SoMAS)
Glen Meyerowitz (Northport HS, NY) - Dr. Helio Takai (Physics & Astronomy)
Kevin Miller (George School, PA) - Dr. Milutin Stanacevic (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Nityan Nair (Hastings HS, NY) - Drs. John Noé and Harold Metcalf (LTC / Physics & Astronomy)
Khang Nguyen (Copiague HS, NY) - Dr. Edward Chan (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology)
Fabian Ortega (Farmingdale HS, NY) - Dr. Aaron Neiman (Biochemistry)
Shalini Pammal (Commack HS, NY) - Dr. Iwao Ojima (Chemistry)
Tehreem Rehman (Walt Whitman HS, NY) - Dr. Anne McElroy (SoMAS)
Alex Reiner (Stony Brook School, NY) Dr. Stefan Judex (Biomedical Engineering)
Christine Shrock (Ward Melville HS, NY) - Dr. Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry)
Sanchita Singal (Herricks HS, NY) - Dr. Miriam Rafailovich (Garcia Center/Materials Science)
Bryan Tan (East Islip HS, NY) - Dr. Bassem Allam (SoMAS)
Jordan Tung (Great Neck North HS, NY) - Dr. Marivi Fernandez-Serra (Physics & Astronomy)
Amy Varghese (Brentwood HS, NY) - Dr. James Dilger (Anesthesiology)
Haley Zylberberg (HAFTR, NY) - Dr. Nicholas Fisher (SoMAS)

2008-2009 Siemens Competition semifinalists and/or regional finalists include: Archit Bhise who worked with Prof. Hollingsworth in Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Nityan Nair who worked with Drs. Noe and Metcalf in the Laser Teaching Center, Department of Physics & Astronomy; Shalini Pammal who worked with Prof. Ojima in Chemistry; Christine Shrock who worked with Prof. Simmerling of Chemistry; and Sanchita Singal who worked with Prof. Rafailovich in Materials Science & Engineering. Click here for a listing of Siemens Competition awardees/mentors.
2008-2009 Intel Science Talent Search Competition semifinalists include: Patrick Abejar who worked with Dr. Rasbury in Geosciences; Re-I Chin who worked with Dr . Ojima in Chemistry; Talia Fox who worked with Dr. Lattimer in Physics & Astronomy; David Gittin who worked with Dr. Gergen in Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Sari Levy who worked with Drs. Qin and Lin in Biomedical Engineering; Glen Meyerowitz who worked with Dr. Takai in Physics & Astronomy; Nityan Nair who worked with Dr. Noe in the Laser Teaching Center, Physics & Astronomy; and Christine Shrock who worked with Dr. Simmerling of Chemistry. Patrick Abejar and Christine Shrock also named finalists on 1/28. Click here for a listing of Intel Science Talent Search Competition awardees/mentors.
2008 Simons Fellow Christine Shrock named a 2008 Davidson Fellow, one of 5 to be awarded top prize of $50k from the Davidson Institute for Talent Development. Christine Shrock, of Ward Melville HS, worked with Dr. Carlos Simmerling, of Chemistry, on novel approaches for treatment for HIV, finding that protease, a protein crucial in the replication of HIV, would be a promising target for drugs to bind to and prevent it from performing its function. More info here . Read Newsday story.2008 JSHS news. 2008 Simons Fellow Glen Meyerowitz gets first place in Long Island Junior Science and Humanities Symposium and will go to compete in the finals in Colorodo Springs on April 28th. 2008 Simons Fellow Shalini Pammal was also a finalist in the regional JSHS competition.
Intel ISEF: Shalini Pammal (together with lab partner Samantha McKenna of Plainview-Bethpage JFK) won First Place Grand Award in the team competition at LISEF; and 2008 Simons Fellow Re-I Chin of Maryland won first place in chemistry at the Montgomery Co. science fair. Shalini and Re-I will be competing in the International Science & Engineering Fair in Reno NV in May.

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