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Application Guidelines

Simonssymposium2012School Nomination Requirement

Interested applicants must first seek nomination by their high school in order to be eligible to apply to the Simons Summer Research program. Each high school may nominate a maximum of three students per school. Independently submitted, late or incomplete applications will be disqualified. Please note also that submission of more than 3 nominations per school will result in disqualification of all candidates.

 If you are not certain of the school official/contact handling nominations for your high school (usually a School Research Coordinator, Science Teacher, Guidance Officer), please contact us. 

Selection Process:

Prior research experience is not a prerequisite for the program. The completed application (part 1-online; plus Part 2 –essay supplement) includes short answers/essay question(s); letters of recommendation (two required) and recommendation form; and an official transcript—in addition to the school nomination form. All are considered important elements in the selection process. Deadline for application materials is January 18th, 2017 (postmarked). No exceptions!

Additional admissions procedures (including interviews, by telephone or in person) may be required for placement within certain research groups/labs. Note that obtaining an interview is not an indication of acceptance into the Simons program.


Applicants will generally be notified by April 1. Because of the high volume of competitive applications and the excessive administrative requirements involved, we are unable to provide critical commentary on unsuccessful applications.

Percentage of students admitted:

about 12%



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