Housing and Dining

Residential & Commuter Options:

Participants may elect to live on campus with other student researchers or to commute. Housing arrangements are available for the full 7 weeks of the program (including weekends).

Students who dorm on campus typically are assigned to a double room in a university residence hall, supervised by live-in residence staff and are responsible for paying their own housing fees prior to the program start date. Please note that residential students (minors) are not allowed to bring a car to campus and that there is strict supervision of Conference Housing guests under the age of 18. Rules for minors living in campus housing can be accessed here>> [2014 Housing regulations for minors].

Campus dining offers a meal card/declining balance plan for both residents/ commuters (i.e. you pay a la carte for what you are buying/eating (e.g. pizza slices, wraps, salad bar, burgers, yogurt, cereal, soup, etc) rather than a specific $ amount per meal). Students living in residence halls must have a minimum buy in of $20/day. Note: any unspent declining balance does not roll over at the end of the program, so students/parents are advised to add money in small increments.

Link to Campus Summer Housing Info


 Link to Campus Dining



Fees (residential):

2015 residential fees amount to $2835 {includes $1935 housing fee for program duration. In addition, all high school aged students living in conference housing must also enroll in a mandatory meal plan at a minimum buy in of $20/day (~$900 for program.}


News & Announcements


NEWS: Congratulations to our Intel semifinalists!  



Dates of Program: 

June 29-Aug. 11, 2015





Simons Summer Research Fellowship,  Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3357 - 631 632-7114

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