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Barbara ChernowNote from the Chair
Senior Vice President for Administration, Barbara Chernow

Dear Colleague:

In the next few weeks you will receive an email with information about our 2014 Stony Brook Cares SEFA/United Way Campaign. This charitable giving effort supports a network of local, national, and international organizations that provide vital services in our communities. With your help, SEFA-affiliated agencies provide critical assistance for the hungry, the homeless, the sick, and the elderly, programs for youth, and protection for the environment. These activities and programs make a tremendous difference in many lives.

Since charitable giving is a very personal decision, SEFA was established to provide a simple and effective way for you to choose an amount for your tax-deductible contribution and to specify which organizations will receive it. With more than 500 SEFA-affiliated charities to choose from, you will find several worthy of your generosity. By making your contribution to them through SEFA, managed locally by the United Way of Long Island, you can be sure that your giving will address the needs you consider most important. Annually, 85% of SEFA funds contributed go directly to the agencies chosen, so the Stony Brook Cares SEFA/United Way campaign is an excellent opportunity for your charitable giving to have the greatest possible impact.

You will find all of this year’s SEFA Campaign information, including a link to the online pledge process, the downloadable print pledge and payroll deduction authorization forms in the email you will receive. Please complete your pledge by December 31, 2014.

If you have any questions regarding this year’s Stony Brook Cares SEFA/United Way campaign or need assistance completing the pledge form, please contact Jessica Kunis by email at or 632-6340.

All printed pledge forms should be returned to:

Jessica Kunis, Senior Program Coordinator
Office of Administration
221 Administration Building
Campus Zip=1002

I would like to personally thank all of you who given so generously as part of the Stony Brook Cares SEFA/United Way campaign in the past, and I want to urge everyone to join our campaign this year. The need has never been greater and together we can help in remarkable ways. Please give because you care and know that you are making a difference.

Barbara Chernow
Senior Vice President for Administration
Co-Chair Long Island SEFA Committee

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