REU: Nanotechnology for Health, Energy & the Environment


Participating mentor and department

Nature of research activity

Gary Halada- Materials Science and Engineering

Creating stable metal nanoparticle composites with polysaccharides and thermoplastic materials.

Yizhi Meng -Materials Science and Engineering/Chemical Engineering program

Chitosan nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Jason Trelewicz- Materials Science and Engineering

Using nanoindentation to study shear delocalization in metallic glass matrix composites

Amy Marschilok -Materials Science; Chemistry; Advanced Energy Center

Enhancing battery design with nanoscale catalysts

Alexander Orlov -Materials Science and Engineering

Developing green self-cleaning surfaces for air decontamination

Thomas Cubaud- Mechanical Engineering

Manipulation of multiphase flows in microfluidic devices.

Mary Frame- Biomedical Engineering

Biocompatibility of metal oxide slurries used in the nano-electronics industry.

Milutin Stanacevic- Electrical Engineering

Characterization and modeling of selective NO nanosensors

Tadanori KogaMaterials Science and Engineering/Chemical Engineering program

Green nanofabrication of nanocomposite thin films using supercritical CO2

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