Interrupting the Tenure Clock

 At times tenure-track faculty may experience difficulties in progressing towards tenure due to medical, child-care or elder-care issues. The University permits tenure-track faculty to elect either to reduce their effort to reflect the reduction in the amount of time they would be working with a comparable reduction in salary, or to transfer to a qualified academic title (e.g. Research Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Visiting Assistant Professor). A transfer to a qualified title would mean a faculty member would be meeting their full-time obligation to the department but would be relieved of the additional commitment necessary for progress towards tenure. A faculty member who wishes to stop his/her tenure clock should submit a Request For Interruption of Tenure-Track Service (click here for pdf form) to the department chair attaching a brief written explanation for the need to stop the tenure clock. This statement should not reveal information of a private and/or confidential nature. The form with the department chair's endorsement is forwarded to the Dean (where appropriate) and the Dean would forward the form with his/her endorsement to the Provost. Copies of the form with the Provost's decision would be sent to the Dean, Dept. Chair and the faculty member. Requests for interrupting the clock may be made for periods of up to one year and may be broken into no more than two segments (ie., one full academic year, one full calendar year, or two sequential fall or spring semesters)