Distinguished Faculty


Lewis A. Coser, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Sociology, 1969
H. Bentely Glass, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences, 1965
C. N. Yang, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Physics, 1966

Seymour S. Cohen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus Pharmacology, 1976

Jacob Bigeleisen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Chemistry, 1989
Gerald E. Brown, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Institute for Theoretical Physics, 1988
John W. Milnor, Distinguished Professor, Mathematics, 1989
K. Daniel O'Leary, Distinguished Professor, Psychology, 1988
Edward Reich, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology, 1986
Charles Rosen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Music, 1985

Robert Aller, Distinguished Professor, Marine Sciences Research Center, 1998
Robert Cess, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Atmospheric Sciences, 1992
Jeff Cheeger, Distinguished Professor, Mathematics, 1990
Benjamin T.P. Chu, Distinguished Professor, Chemistry, 1992
Thomas J. Flanagan, Distinguished Professsor Emeritus, English, 1993
John Gagnon, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Sociology, 1999
James Glimm, Distinguished Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 1990
Paul Grannis, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Physics and Astronomy, 1997
Don Ihde, Distinguished Professor, Philosophy, 1997
Janos Kirz, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Physics, 1995
H. Blaine Lawson, Distinguished Professor, Mathematics, 1993
Milton Lodge, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Political Science, 1998
Dusa McDuff, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Mathematics, 1998
Lorne Mendell, Distinguished Professor, Neurobiology & Behavior, 1996
Morton Meyers, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Radiology, 1998
Iwao Ojima, Distinguished Professor, Chemistry, 1995
Theodosios Pavlidis, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Computer Science, 1995
Paul Poppers, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Anesthesiology, 1998
Howard Rachlin, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Psychology, 1997
Felix T. Rapaport, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Surgery, 1995
Louis W. Ripa, Jr., Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Children's Dentistry, 1991
Louis Simpson, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, English, 1991
Robert R. Sokal, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolution, 1991
Philip Solomon, Physics and Astronomy, 1999 (Deceased)
Dennis Sullivan, Distinguished Professor, Mathematics, 1998
William Van der Kloot, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Physiology and Biophysics 1999
Donald Weidner, Distinguished Professor, Geosciences, 1998
Armen Zemanian, Distinguished Professor, Electrical Engineering, 1998

Gregory Belenky, Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2007
Jorge Benach, Distinguished Professor, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, 2009
Evelyn Bromet, Distinguished Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, 2009
Edward S. Casey, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, 2004
Fu-Pen Chiang , Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering, 2003
Stephen Cole, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Sociology, 2007
Daniel Dykhuizen, Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolution, 2009
Nicholas Fisher, Distinguished Professor, Marine Science Research Center, 2005
John Fleagle, Distinguished Professor, Anatomical Sciences, 2004
Douglas Futuyma, Distinguished Professor Ecology and Evolution, 2001
Marvin Goldfried, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, 2004
Lorne M. Golub, Distinguished Professor, School of Dental Medicine, 2003
Arthur P. Grollman, Distinguished Professor, Pharmacological Science, 2003
Herbert Herman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus,Materials Science and Engineering, 2001
Richard Howard, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, 2004
Barbara V. Jacak, Distinguished Professor, Physics, 2008
Gilbert Kalish, Distinguished Professor, Music, 2001
E. Ann Kaplan, Distinguished Professor, English & Comparative Lit. & Cultural Studies; Director, Humanities Inst., 2005
Arie Kaufman, Distinguished Professor, Computer Science, 2004
Eva Feder Kittay, Distinguished Professor, Philosophy, 2009
Israel Kleinberg, Distinguished Professor, Oral Biology and Pathology, 2001
Donald B. Kuspit, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Art, 2007
Herman Lebovics, Distinguished Professor, History, 2006
Cindy Lee, Distinguished Professor, Marine Science Research Center, 2003
William Lennarz, Distinguished Professor, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 2000
M. Cristina Leske, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Preventative Medicine, 2001
Jeffrey Levinton, Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolution, 2004
Konstantin K. Likharev, Distinguished Professor, Physics and Astronomy, 2002
Donald H. Lindsley, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Geosciences, 2001
Serge Luryi, Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2003
Gail Mandel, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Neurobiology and Behavior, 2002
Barry McCoy, Distinguished Professor, C.N. Yang Inst. for Theoretical Physics, 2003
Stuart McLaughlin, Distinguished Professor, Physiology & Biophysics, 2006
Peter van Nieuwenhuizen, Distinguished Professor, Institute for Theoretical Physics, 2001
Miriam H. Rafailovich, Distinguished Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, 2007
F. James Rohlf, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolution, 2004
Roger Rosenblatt, Distinguished Professor, English, 2008
Joel T. Rosenthal, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, History, 2002
Clinton Rubin, Distinguished Professor, Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology, 2005
Sami Said, Distinguished Professor, Medicine, 2006
Mark Schneider, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 2004
Jeffrey Segal, Distinguished Professor, Political Science, 2004
Edward Shuryak, Distinguished Professor, Physics and Astronomy, 2003
Gene Sprouse, Distinguished Professor, Physics & Astronomy, 2006
George Stell, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Chemistry, 2001
George Sterman, Distinguished Professor, Institute of Theoretical Physics, 2004
Rolf Sternglanz, Distinguished Professor, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 2003
Arthur A. Stone, Distinguished Professor, Psychiatry and Psychology, 2005
Eckard Albert Friedrich Wimmer, Distinguished Professor, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, 2002

Mark Aronoff, Distinguished Professor, Linguistics, 2010
Kenneth Dill, Distinguished Professor, Chemistry (Laufer Center), 2012
Eugene Feinberg, Distinguished Professor, Applied Math and Statistics, 2012 
Michael Kimmel, Distinguished Professor, Sociology, 2011
John Parise, Distinguished Professor, Geosciences, 2010
Sanjay Sampath, Distinguished Professor, Materials and Engineering, 2011


Sidney Gelber, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, 1989
Marvin Kuschner, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Pathology, 1989 (Deceased)

Robert D. Cess, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering, 1991
Barry S. Coller, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Medicine & Pathology, 1993
Norman Goodman, Distinguished Service Professor, Sociology, 1990
Irwin Kra, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, 1997
M. Cristina Leske, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Preventive Medicine, 1997
Robert Liebermann, Distinguished Service Professor, Earth and Space Sciences, 1996
Velio A. Marsocci, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Electrical Engineering, 1994
Lester G. Paldy, Distinguished Service Professor and Director Emeritus, Technology & Society, 1990
Peter Paul, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Physics, 1992
J. R. Schubel, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus Marine Sciences Research Center, 1991
Eli Seifman, Distinguished Service Professor, Director Emeritus, Interdisciplinary Program in Social Sciences and Ctr for Excellence and Innovation in Edu., 1992 (Deceased)

Stanley Alexander, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine, 2006
Said Arjomand, Distinguished Service Professor, Sociology, 2004
Henry Bokuniewicz, Distinguished Service Professor, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, 2009
Malcolm Bowman, Distinguished Service Professor, Marine Science Research Center, 2004
David L. Ferguson, Distinguished Service Professor, Technology and Society, 2000
Richard Fine, Distinguished Service Professor, Pediatrics, 2006
Marie Gelato, Distinguished Service Professor, Medicine, 2008
David Hanson, Distinguished Service Professor, Chemistry, 2008 
Gilbert N. Hanson, Distinguished Service Professor, Geosciences, 2000
Vincent Iacono, Distinguished Service Professor,  Periodontics, 2007
David W. Krause, Distinguished Service Professor, Anatomical Sciences, 2003
Dorothy S. Lane, Distinguished Service Professor, Preventive Medicine, 2002
Mario B. Mignone, Distinguished Service Professor, European Languages, Literatures and Cultures, 2001

SN Sridhar, Distinguised Service Professor, Linguistics and India Studies, 2011
Roy Steigbigel, Distinguished Service Professor, Medicine, 2011


Elof A. Carlson, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Biology, 1975
John G. Truxal, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Technology and Society, 1977

Homer Goldberg, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, English, 1988
Norman Goodman, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Sociology, 1986
Alan Tucker, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 1989


Stanley Alexander, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Children's Dentistry, 1996
Barbara Elling, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Germanic and Slavic Languages, 1990
Shi Ming Hu, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Social Sciences, 1992 (Deceased)
Jonathan F. Levy, Distinguished Teaching Professor, English, 1992
Thomas Liao, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Technology & Society, 1998
Harold Metcalf, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Physics and Astronomy, 1999
Judith Mark Tanur, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Sociology, 1994
Rose Zimbardo, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, English, 1991


Michael A. Barnhart, Distinguished Teaching Professor, History, 2000
Fred Ferguson, Distinguished Teaching Professor, School of Dentistry, 2003
Patrick Grim, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Philosophy, 2001
Thomas Hemmick, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Physics and Astronomy, 2007
William Jungers, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Anatomical Sciences, 2008 
Robert C. Kerber Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus,Chemistry, 2002
Eva Feder Kittay, Distinguished Professor, Philosophy, 2009
Joseph Lauher, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Chemistry, 2009
Helen Rodnite Lemay, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, History, 2001
Frank Myers, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Political Science, 2008
Steven Skiena, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Computer Science, 2009 
Jack T. Stern, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Anatomical Sciences, 2001
H. Barry Waldman, Distinguished Teaching Professor, General Dentistry, 2005


Gary Halada, Distinguished Teaching Profressor, Materials Science and Engineering, 2011
Stephen Vitkun, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Anesthesiology, 2010