The local Stony Brook University Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award recognizes the University’s appreciation of a faculty member’s significant and ongoing contribution/s to the missions of the University. The Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award shall be considered an accolade granted to a full-time Faculty Lecturer at Stony Brook University, based on significant contribution to the university as evidenced by the quality of the individual’s teaching, service, and related professional development.

Upon receipt of the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award, the awardee shall carry the title of Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer in the Stony Brook University unit to which the faculty member was appointed as Lecturer. Once awarded, the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer designation at Stony Brook University is anticipated to remain in effect for the duration of the faculty member’s service in the rank of Lecturer at the University. The Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award may carry a one-time monetary award of be distributed at the time that the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award is conferred.

The nomination file, including all required documents, must be submitted to the Provost's office no later than January 28, 2013.  Please send the file electronically to Ann Ozelis (

Nomination Procedures

After significant contribution/s at the rank of Lecturer at Stony Brook University, the Department/Program/Institute (DPI) may nominate a Lecturer for the local designation of Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer. This process may be initiated by one of three means:

  1. The DPI Chair or Director may nominate a Lecturer for the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award; or
  2. A group of three or more tenured faculty members may nominate a Lecturer for the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award.

Nomination Criteria

The candidate for the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award shall prepare materials for review by the Chair or Director of the DPI. These materials shall include:

  1. A complete and current curriculum vitae, which should not exceed 8 pages and must include the following:
  • A specification of areas of specialization, and areas of competence, in the field of appointment;
  • A list of all degrees, certificates, or diplomas received;
  • A list of all awards or honors received;
  • A list of all courses taught at Stony Brook, indicating course number, title, topic, semester, and a description of the course (1 – 2 sentences), and number of students enrolled;
  • A list of service on all departmental and university governance and administrative committees (and any offices held by the candidate), indicating dates and length of service;
  • A list of special contributions to the DPI, which can include advising, student recruitment, program development, etc.;


  1. Representative samples of course evaluations, including statistics and student comments (no more than the latest three years of teaching);
  2. A statement on teaching, which describes teaching philosophy, principles, values that guide the Lecturer’s pedagogy and how these are implemented in the classroom (limited to a maximum of 2 pages); and
  3. Three to five letters of support from faculty, staff, and students.
  4. Any other supporting documentation.


Selection Process

  1. After reviewing the nominee’s self-prepared nomination package, and if in support of the candidate’s nomination for the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award, the Chair/Director of the DPI shall forward the complete file to their respective Dean.
  2. The Dean shall review the recommendation of the Chair/Director of the DPI and, if the Dean supports the candidate’s nomination for the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award, will forward a recommendation to the Joint Senate-Provostial Selection Committee for Provost’s Outstanding Lecturers (SCPOL) for consideration. The SCPOL will consist of five tenured faculty members. Three members from a wide range of disciplines shall be elected by normal University Senate election procedures. The other two members shall be appointed by the Provost.
  1. After review of the candidate’s nomination package for the Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award, the SCPOL will make their recommendation to the Provost.
  2. Final decisions concerning Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Awards shall be determined prior to April 30th of the academic year of the initial DPI nomination. The Provost’s Outstanding Lecturer Award nominee, the DPI, and the Dean shall be notified by the Provost no later than this date.