Task Force Subcommittees

In order to be able to most effectively and efficiently study the MOOCs phenomena, the task force sub-organized into working groups that focused on topical areas. Those areas and their group members are as follows:



Charges and Membership (Chair in Bold)


Are MOOCS here to stay or will they wither on the vine of tech innovation?
What’s out there? Which schools use them? Typology of models.
What is already at SB? Which schools/courses/departments use them?

Members: Laura Fochtmann, Barney Grubbs, Tom Hemmick, David Paquette, Joanne Souza


Models for Revenue Generation - faculty, school, staff, department
Models for financing the production of MOOCS

Members: Mary Remmler, Joanne Souza, Chuck Powell, Paul Edelson


What is SUNY's position on MOOCS?
Are there copyright issues? Who owns the MOOC?
What are the legal policies of other states where universities use MOOCS?

Members: Nathan Baum, Laura Fochtmann, Chuck Powell, Suzanne Shane


On and Off Campus/Hybrid
Credit and Non-Credit
SUNY-wide MOOC synergy - MOOC systemness

Members: Patricia Aceves, Paul Bingham, Tom Hemmick, Margaret Schedel, Debbie Zelize


What is required to produce quality MOOCs?
Do we have the infrastructure to produce high-quality MOOCs?
What are the best platforms out there?
How much would it cost to outsource the production of MOOCs?

Members: Keri Hollander, Erez Zadok, Chuck Powell, Tim Vallier, Dean Miller, Harris Papadopoulos


How will MOOCs positively enhance the SB experience?
How will MOOCS affect adversely the SB experience?
Hybrid Model - on-campus resident with MOOCs options
MOOCs and the SB mission - friend or foe?
Can MOOCs solve transfer and pipe problems? Identify those plugs.
Unique student learning outcomes expected?

Members: Nathan Baum, Henry Bokuniewicz, Ken Dill, Lori Scarlatos, Iris Fineberg, Keri Hollander


Identify educational strengths that could be the foundation for non-duplicate MOOCs
Identify what SB has to offer via MOOCs that no other MOOC university can duplicate
What would a unique SB MOOC look like?
Identify school, departments, programs that could produce high-quality MOOCs relatively quickly.

Members: Paul Bingham, Ken Dill, David Paquette, Lori Scarlatos, Dean Miller


How will the University regulate MOOCs?
Quality control, reputation management, and University branding are major issues
Assessment of courses
Assessment of faculty
Assessment of students
Assessment of MOOC provider
Who should be assigned responsibility for quality?

Members: Patricia Aceves, Henry Bokuniewicz, Margaret Schedel, Debbie Zelizer, Iris Fineberg, Luz Marina-Reyes