General Education

In May of 2009, the University Committee on General Education was formed by then Provost Eric Kaler and Professor Scott Sutherland, Chair of the Undergraduate Council, as a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Council. The charge of this committee was to assess and reconsider the Stony Brook General Education Curriculum (commonly known as DEC—The Diversified Education Curriculum). Membership of the committee was initially selected by Provost Kaler and the Undergraduate Council and featured a broad base of pedagogical and administrative experience. Over time the committee was expanded at the discretion of its chairs in consultation with the committee’s full membership and the Undergraduate Council. There were two sequential committees, the first primarily to discuss the underlying theory issued their report in July, 2011, and the second issued this report in June, 2012, as a revision to the first report.

The Provost wishes to thank the members of both committees for their tireless effort in seeing this project through to conclusion.

Thomas K. Hemmick - chair, Physics (original committee)
Eugene R. Hammond - chair, English; Writing (expanded committee)
Antoinette Nelson - Undergraduate Student
Diane Bello - Interim Registrar
Aharon Benelyahoo - Undergraduate Student
Ritch Calvin - Cultural Analysis and Theory
Brian A. Colle - SOMAS
William F. Collins III - Neurobiology
Donna DiDonato - Provost Office
Arlene S. Feldman - Transfer Office
Deborah Firestone - Health, Technology and Management
*Molly Frame - Biomedical Engineering
Richard Gatteau - Academic Advising
Richard Gerrig - Psycology
D. Kane Gillespie - CAS Dean's Office
Perry Goldstein - Music
Norman Goodman - Sociology
Cheryl D. Hamilton - EOP Director
James Hoffman - Ecosystems, Southampton
Imin Kao - Mechanical Engineering
Maurice Kernan - Ecology and Evolution
Aysha Khan - Undergraduate Student
Manuel London - College of Business
April F. Masten - History
Eduardo Mendieta - Philosophy
Joseph S. B. Mitchell - Applied Math and Statistics
Victoriano Roncero-Lopez - Hispanic Languages
Marianna Savoca - Career Center
Paul A. Schreiber - Journalism
Steven S. Skiena - Computer Science
Scott Sutherland - Mathematics
*Nancy J. Tomes - History

* Unable to complete term