Textbook and Course Materials Ordering Policy

The Provost endorses the University Senate Policy of 1996, which requires that "the University Bookstore be informed of the textbooks and course materials required, or recommended for, courses offered in the following semester, even if orders are being placed at other bookstores"

Remark: This Policy does not prevent a faculty member from placing a book order at an off-campus retailer but it does require that the University Bookstore be notified of all textbooks and course materials.

Remark: The Policy covers all semesters: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.


  1. Many students purchase books through a Bookstore Campus Account (BCA). A BCA allows students to defer immediate out-of-pocket expenses. For students receiving scholarships, the scholarship can be used for book purchases only through a BCA. BCAs cannot be used at off-campus retailers; scholarship students must purchase books at such sites with their own funds.
  2. Having all textbooks available in the University Bookstore enables one-stop-shopping, which is particularly useful to disabled students.