Emeritus Faculty 

Emeritus faculty are retired Stony Brook University faculty/librarians who have been invited by the university president to append the term “Emeritus” to their title of academic rank following their retirement. Emeritus faculty retain library, parking, and institutional email privileges for life. 

Who is entitled to become an Emeritus? 

  • Only tenured and tenure track faculty who retire are eligible to append the term “Emeritus” to their titles. Faculty who resign are ineligible.
  • Tenured faculty may be full-time or part-time.
  • Tenure track faculty must be full-time. 

Shortly after the PeopleSoft form for retirement is submitted to Human Resources, the faculty member will receive a letter from the University President thanking the individual for his/her service and advising the retiree to contact Alison Gibbons in the Provost Office (631-632-7000, alison.gibbons@stonybrook.edu) to be activated in the database of Emeritus Faculty. Ms. Gibbons will verify Emeritus eligibility and will advise on joining the Emeritus Faculty Association (EFA). 

The EFA meets the first Friday of the month for seven months during the academic year. Members are encouraged to attend these meetings to hear speakers who talk on a variety of topics and also to share news and each other’s company over a light breakfast. Membership in the EFA is free and members receive a monthly newsletter. Each May a lunch reception is held to celebrate the end of the meeting year. 

SPECIAL INFORMATION REGARDING EMAIL: Google Mail is dependent on having an active NetID and NetID password, retirees will lose access to their @stonybrook.edu email account after they are marked as "retired" in PeopleSoft.  However, you have the opportunity to request a new email account on Stony Brook's retiree Google domain (@connect.stonybrook.edu) if you would like to stay connected with Stony Brook.

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