The Academic Success Team


Charles Robbins (Chair), Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges

Diane Bello, University Registrar

Judith Burke-Berhannan, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

Dania Delacampa, Director, Health Sciences Office of Student Services

Jennifer Dellaposta, Director of Undergraduate Studies, CEAS

Phil Doesschate, Deputy Chief Information Officer

Nora Galambos, Statistician, Office of Institutional Research

Richard Gatteau, Associate Provost for Academic Success

D. Kane Gillespie, Assistant Dean for Curriculum, CAS

Mara Green, Bursar, Director of Student Accounts

Nadine Greenstein, Assistant to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges

Cheryl Hamilton, Assistant Provost and Director, EOP/AIM

Kristy Hare, Assistant Director, Academic Success and Tutoring Center

Sean Hoffman, Graduate Assistant, Institutional Research

Stefan HymanAssistant Provost for Enrollment Strategies, Communications and Analytics

Shannon Jayne, Director, Academic Success and Tutoring Center

Regina Marshall, Interim Director, Student Orientation & Family Programs

Jacqueline Pascariello, Director, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

Jean Peden, Assistant Dean and Director of the Undergraduate Colleges

Chuck Powell, Interim Chief Information Officer

Jonathan Ragone, Assistant Director of the Undergraduate Colleges

Courtney Rickard, Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development

Michael Riordan, Director of Enrollment Research

Peter Stephens, Associate Dean for Curriculum, CAS

Marrisa Trachtenberg, Executive Intern, Office of the President

Gina Vanacore, Associate Director of Residential Programs


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