Pilot Programs

studentsSMART GRID Learning to Learn Institute

Launched in July 2013, The SMART GRID Learning to Learn Institute was a one week, fully funded residential summer program at Stony Brook University, offered to a select group of incoming students preparing for our most competitive majors in the sciences, engineering and technology. More ยป




studentsOutreach to Upper-Division Students

The Academic and Transfer Advising Services office has piloted several outreach programs that provide upper-division students with detailed information about the courses they must still complete into order to graduate. These proactive communications are helping students make informed decisions about which courses they select, and thereby stay on track for graduation.



studentMajor Confirmation

Using SOLAR messages and an online response form, the Academic Success Team initiated a communication with upper-division students in December 2012 with the goal of ensuring our information about students' intended majors/minors was accurate in PeopleSoft. Students that indicated an inaccurate program plan were given instructions on how to formally change their major(s).



studentsMAP 103 Advising and Tutoring

In Fall 2012, members of the Academic Success Team partnered with faculty in the Department of Mathematics to expand tutoring resources, and strengthen student awareness of free tutoring services and the examination schedule. An increased percentage of MAP 103 received passing grades in Fall 2012 compared with previous years.




studentsUGC Proactive Advising

Staff in the Undergraduate Colleges recently began coordinating outreach to current freshmen who had not registered for classes shortly after their enrollment dates had passed. Students were asked to complete a brief survey about why they had not yet registered, which provided information to academic advisors for subsequent communications.



studentMajor Declaration at Orientation

To better assist incoming students and ensure that they enroll in the correct sequence of courses, members of the Academic Success Team successfully lobbied for a policy change that will allow academic advisors to update a student's intended major at Orientation.




studentsFocus Groups

Members of the Academic Success Team recently piloted a focus group with current Stony Brook students in their 5th and 6th years of study at the University. Students provided feedback about academic and personal obstacles that impacted their academic progress, and offered suggestions about how Stony Brook can increase support for academic success.