Two recent reports (NIH Biomedical Research Workforce Report and the NIGMS Strategic Plan) have brought renewed attention to the value of career planning for scientists. Individual Development Plans (IDPs) have been suggested as particularly useful tools for assisting in the career development of science PhDs. Cynthia Fuhrmann and Bill Lindstaedt from UCSF along with Phil Clifford from Medical College of Wisconsin and Jennifer Hobin from FASEB have launched an interactive, web-based tool that will help you set and achieve long-term and short-term career goals. The tool is called "myIDP" and the live site is
As part of the launch, an editorial was published in Science Magazine written by Bruce Alberts, Editor-in-Chief of Science, and Jim Austin, Editor of Also, 11 articles will be published targeted at helping postdocs use IDPs for for career advancement. The authors of myIDP have also written a series of in-depth articles on the steps of myIDP, starting with You Need a Game Plan


Bio Careers, online career service

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is a member of, an online career service that provides an in-depth look at a variety of post-graduate career paths in the sciences. Bio Careers has a Jobs Board with over 1,400 listings; virtual job fairs; free webinars, workshops and articles on job searching strategies; and a highly regarded blog relevant to Postdoc issues.

Registration Instructions:


(1)   Go to

(2)   Click on the Login/Register button at the bottom of the navigation bar

(3)   Fill out the Registration Form and create a User Name and Password

Note: Even after you have moved on from Stony Brook University, you can still maintain your free membership and take advantage of Biocareers’ services. Good luck in your search!


Science Alliance

As a member of the postdoctoral community at Stony Brook University, you are entitled to a free membership with Science Alliance, the career and professional development branch of the New York Academy of Sciences. To take advantage of your membership, go to and get started today. Membership benefits include:


Stony Brook University Career Center

The Career Center offers a wide variety of exciting events, workshops and programs for Stony Brook Postdocs. Check out their Calendar of Events for more details. Postdocs are also invited to visit the Career Center for help with writing and formatting your resume or CV. Walk-ins are welcome on Thursdays from 10 am-noon, or you can make an appointment by calling 632-6810.


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