Career Resources

Stony Brook University Career Center: The Career Center offers a wide variety of exciting events, workshops and programs for Stony Brook Postdocs. Check out their Calendar of Events for more details. Postdocs are also invited to visit the Career Center for help with writing and formatting your resume or CV. Walk-ins are welcome on Thursdays from 10 am-noon, or you can make an appointment by calling 632-6810.

New York Academy of Science's Science Alliance: As a member of the postdoctoral community at Stony Brook University, you are entitled to a discounted membership with Science Alliance, the career and professional development branch of the New York Academy of Sciences. To enroll, contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs for the discount code and be sure to use your institutional e-mail address. Membership benefits include:

Be sure to sign up for the postdoc listserv to hear about periodic discounts on events and other activities. If you would like to attend an event with a group of friends, we can also arrange for a group discount. Contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. 

Versatile PhD: Stony Brook has a premium subscription with  Versatile PhD, a career resource for PhDs in social sciences, humanities, and science fields. Our membership provides graduate students and postdocspremium access to the social science and humanities resources. Sign up via the membership portal on the Career Center Web site using your NETID. The Career Center manages a campus subscription to, a vast resource of information on working and studying abroad. Make sure you enter via Stony Brook's portal, and use your campus e-mail.

IDP Toolkit: The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a career planning tool whereby a trainee writes down his or her short- and long-term career goals and an actionable plan for meeting those goals. While required by the NIH for all supported trainees, the IDP is a useful tool for all early-career researchers to help maintain progress in your research and career and to hasten your transition to independence. The IDP can also be a useful mentoring tool, providing an opportunity to discuss career exploration and professional development opportunities with your mentor. You can consult the IREP Office's IDP Toolkit for information and templates for developing an IDP.

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