Davidson Family Scholarship ($2,000)

Awarded to a junior or senior in Political Science, who is a veteran of the armed forces or Coast Guard of the United States.


Michael Gramer Honors Thesis Award ($2,000)

This award provides $2,000 ($1,000 per semester) to a student writing an Honor's thesis in Political Science.

(Due May 1 or October 1)


Patricia E. Herman Award ($750)

This award provides $750 to a junior or senior in Political Science with an interest in urban planning and/or environmental issues.

(Due May 1)


Irene Kondorousis Manoussos Pikoulas Scholarship ($2,000/award)

Awarded to three students in Political Science, completion of whose studies might not be possible without this award.


Dr. Connie and Dr. Lee Koppelman Scholarships ($1,000/award)

Awarded to five high-achieving upper division students (juniors and seniors) who are majoring in either Women's Studies and/or Political Science and have demonstrated financial need.


Martin B. Travis Award ($1,500)

This award provides $1,500 to a student completing a major in Political Science who plans to attend law school.

(Due May 1)


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