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Column Definitions
Column 1: Production-Adjusted Placements Scores, as reported by Fowler, Grofman, and Masuoka (2007), "Social Networks in Political Science: Department Attractiveness and Ph.D. Placement, 1960-2002," PS: Political Science & Politics (forthcoming) .
Column 2: Placements at PhD granting departments in terms of ratio success to total number of PhDs produced, 1966-2001, as reported by Grofman, Feld, and Masuoka (2005), "Direct And Indirect Influence Among Political Science Departments," Center for the Study of Democracy, Paper 05-14.
Column 3: Top Research Universities in the 2005 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Column 4: Major journal articles per faculty, from PS, Publication of the American Political Science Association, December 1998.
Column 5: Political science citations per faculty, from Diamond-Graham Dataset taken from 1995 NRC data.
Column 6: Percent of faculty in the Political Science top 400 citations. From PS, July 2007.
Column 7: Reputational ranks, compiled by U.S. News and World Report, 1998.
Column 8: Articles per faculty in the top 3 political science journals, as compiled by Law and Courts, Winter 1999
Column 9: Reputational ranks, as compiled by Law and Courts, Summer 1998
Column 10: Major journal articles published by graduates of the program, divided by the number of graduates in the past three years, as reported by McCormick & Rice in the September 2001 issue of PS.


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